A Limerick A Day


Cora Sherlock (right) outside the Dáil last month calling on the Minister for Health, Simon Harris to ‘honour his commitment’ to debate his abortion plans with the LoveBoth campaign. Ms Sherlock was a no show last night for an RTÉ debate with Mr Harris.

It wasn’t to be Cora’s fate
To star in a TV debate
When those on her team
Switched horses mid stream
But made the decision too late

John Moynes


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13 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

    1. Repro-choice Bertie

      After watching Harris demolish Tóibín last night I can understand why Cora favoured the withdrawal method.

      What I can’t understand is the Irish Times claiming there was no clear winner.

      1. Robert

        Anything for a quiet life. It’s clear that IT editorial wants to keep as many friends as possible.

        I guess you saw that “Fillip” headline last week after the Claire Byrne debate? What the hell was that? Changed from something “less balanced” over the course of the day!

      2. Robert

        For what it’s worth though, it was by far the most sympathetic performance I’ve seen from a No-campaigner so far … gave me pause for thought on some points but at the end of the day its difficult to see how they relate to the matter of substance i.e. repeal .. kind of hard to “win” a debate when the facts are stacked against you.

      3. max

        I don’t think i would go that far, looked like he was auditioning for house slytherin. Personal attacks and parroting slogans are definitely signs of a master debater. Though i have to say the audience definitely put Tobin on the back foot, though for a sinn-er he conducted himself surprisingly well, was expecting that sort of behaviour from him.

  1. Frilly Waters

    Ah here
    Mexican Standoff

    Cora just couldn’t walk the talk
    Simple as that
    and wasn’t going to let another lawyer do it for her
    and especially not Steen

    Love Both seems to have eaten itself
    and a few other of the Pop-Up Anti Repeal gangs

      1. Frilly Waters

        but they’re not going anywhere Bisto
        this time next week the McGuirks and the Sherlocks etc will be nowhere t’be seen
        they won’t even be around to remove their posters

        their setups will be liquidated by teatime on Sunday ffs

  2. newsjustin

    The last line of that Indo piece linked in the Limerick is the thread on which all of RTE’s stance unravels.

    No side wanted Steen. RTE refused her as she had already appeared on a RTE TV debate. They wanted a diversity of voices. Fair enough….except the Yes side were allowed to have Peter Boylan on 2 RTE TV debates (Late Late Show and Claire Byrne).

    1. Nigel

      Yeah, having a hard time working out RTE’s reasoning or rules or whatever, but couldn’t the No side have made their objections AND provided another body for the debate? This just smacks of them having a really shallow bench.

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