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  1. Sheik Yahbouti

    On Saturday, I hope we can then throw our collective shoulder against this problem. I want to see People 1-0 Vested interests.

    1. Brother Barnabas


      there’s a long list of things that need addressing in this country, but this one is by far the most pressing

    2. Andrew

      Well one of the ‘vested interests’ in the spiralling cost of housing is our government, who happen to be campaigning for a Yes vote as is the leader of Fianna Fail who were always good pals with the other vested interests, so I’m confused by your comment.
      The Yes vote will carry hopefully, but a lot of the vested interests who may well be voting with what you term the ‘People’ in our society will continue not giving a fiddlers.
      Most transactions for houses in Dublin are ‘People’ buying investment properties just like the last time.
      In fact I would not be one bit surprised if Ciara Cuffe has an investment apartment or two.

        1. Johnny

          A little far fetched as this is hardly going enhance either the resale or rent of any investments he may or may not have,while the greens can’t stop shooting themselves in the head (FF),I doubt he’s drawing attention to this while owning property close by !
          Irish Life which “invests” on behalf of ordinary people has way more impact on the housing crisis.
          They recently dropped over 100 million on a new scheme by Park developments that 1,000’s people had signed up to buy.They swooped in and purchased the scheme to convert to a rental,which shows how capricious and useless their investment managers are.
          Why are Irish Life not funding new builds instead off simply gouging ordinary people in the middle off a housing crisis ?

          1. Andrew

            I agree with most of that Johnny. I’m just making the point that there are a huge amount of Irish people engaged in property speculation one way or another and that plays its part in drving up prices and excluding people from owning their own home.
            The Irish Life, Green IREIT. Section 110 is an absolute disgrace ,of course and was/is actively encouraged by NAMA and the government.

          2. johnny

            the central bank produces a great paper annually on the irish mtg mkt (warning bit wonkish) it sates that only 10% of BTL mtgs were above the 70% LTV.
            basically lots irish people with boatloads of cash are buying up BTL’s-but the transition from a mom and pop BLT business model to more professional managed and owed rental sector is having the most profound impact,and is incredibly disruptive in the short term.

          3. johnny

            I did actually about pop out grab something, there’s someone on here who loathes ‘typos’ perhaps its a pavlovian response to that-oh hold on is that you:)

      1. ollie

        andrew, 1,000 properties are leaving the rental market monthly.
        your comment about “most houses…” is wrong.

  2. Jonjo

    What can we do about homelessness?

    I’m not saying we shouldn’t do anything but what is the solution. Should people be provided with temporary housing until they get on their feet again? It’s certainly not by giving them free houses.

      1. Cian

        It is when the government gives you a home for “free”.

        In some cases they need to “pay” some “rent” but it would be well below the “market rate”.

        1. realPolithicks

          If you are paying rent then it is not “free”. Can you give some examples of when the government gives out homes for which no rent is charged?

          1. Cian

            If the government is wholly supporting someone by giving then money, medical card, and accommodation (for which are charged a nominal rent amount). If they pay this ‘token’ rent back to the government using money that came from the government, then they are getting the home for “free”.

            €190 dole – €10 rent [not free] = €180 left
            €180 dole + free home = €180 left

          2. johnny

            but where does the govt get the ‘money” from ?
            I thought he was referring to all the FG/FF supporters who leveraged themselves to the hilt, bought loads gaffs and haven’t made mortgage payments in years while pocketing the rent.

          3. realPolithicks

            You are assuming that homeless people have never made any contributions to government coffers. I’m sure that most of these people have paid taxes over the years and are simply going through a very tough time currently and need a little extra help. This talk of getting things for “free” is just right wing nonsense.

  3. tycho

    We HAVE TO stop the right wing FINE GAEL/FIANNA FAIL agenda. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.

  4. Glenda Geraghty

    wonder did he ask their permission before he took their photo and put it on the internet to make a political point

    – the value of his point notwithstanding. it can be made without being a dlck

    1. The Old Boy

      Well, he’s given their places of origin, so presumably he did talk to them first.

          1. Glenda Geraghty

            do you want me to explain the phrase ‘ the value of his point notwithstanding.’ to you, or do you want to have another go at trying to understand it on your own?

          2. realPolithicks

            @Glenda Geraghty the value of your point notwithstanding. it can be made without being a dlck

    2. alfie

      Maybe the solution is with cycle paths
      For a landlord with many properties he certainly has a neck

  5. Bernie

    The only cord you’d strike in anyone is a noose. I work for myself dave. You’ve lost me on the crocodile sandwich – is that today’s special in your pub?

    1. mildred st. meadowlark

      What has immigration to do with this? Other than it being a great excuse for you airing your (frankly unsurprising) xenophobia.

  6. Junkface

    I don’t think Ireland will ever solve the housing crisis. There doesn’t seem to be a will for it from the political class. Also, culturally, Housing is Irelands G-Spot. Irish people and Irish media get so worked up about housing, missing the boat, getting your foot on the ladder, treating housing as investment opportunites and not primarily as a Home. Not many other countries in Europe do this.

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