28 thoughts on “No Gerry Meandering

    1. mildred st. meadowlark

      I’d like to see what she could do in a position of power. Either she’s all talk or she actually wants to use her position for good.

      It’s all too easy to be in opposition.

      1. gavin

        It would appear its all to easy to be in power also, judging by the amount of stuff that doesn’t get done and the tribunals to cover up and bury the ongoing mess

        1. Repro-choice Bertie

          It’s certainly easy when the main opposition are part of the coalition.

      1. Glenda Geraghty

        MM has painted himself into too much of a corner. LV has denied SF the bare minimum, so….

    2. manolo

      When was the last time a minority partner in a coalition did well out of a deal with Either FF or FG?

  1. b

    First photo

    “It’s me, Mary-Lou, from the posters”

    “Nope, not having that, will need to see some ID”

      1. snowflake

        thanks bodger she was in my class in tcd. I never would have guessed the political Titan she has become

  2. Starina

    i’m irked that she put her face on the tá posters. it’s tacky. also sf are way more conservative up norf. pity.

    1. SOQ

      EVERYBODY is way more conservative up north. And just like equal marriage, legal in both Britain and ROI is no guarantee of anything.

      We will wave flags at each other 365, continuously fight about how British/Irish we are and forever demand state funding because investors run a mile but, how very dare you (UK and ROI) demand that WE behave the same as YOU.

        1. SOQ

          The only north-side employer within the Border Area Gay (BAG) region worth considering is Norbrook and their HR department excels even the incompetence of Irish Water, which is quite an achievement.

  3. Dinny Do Well?

    Most of Cabra will vote No. Still, shortens the Christmas Card list a bit. Hence less need for printer toner. We all win.

    1. Frilly Keane

      Stop talking arse

      There isn’t one Dublin Box that’ll open tomorrow with anything under 60/40 Tá / Níl
      Not one

      The time for No- Siders talking themselves into big positions and assuming control
      Has gone
      Independence Day

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