35 thoughts on “Bijou

  1. Marklar

    I’m not saying this dwelling is illegal or not but if a prospective landlord were to attempt to rent one that was illegal could they be reported? What are the potential penalties?

  2. Martco

    but sur with the free heating off the back of the washing machine there to keep you warm on those winter nights, looks like another bargain!

    Jake & Elwood would love it if only the dart line ran thru it

  3. Dr.Fart MD

    so now an actual garden shed can be called a ‘log cabin’? (and a studio apartment). You could nearly justify the price if it was in Portobello or somewhere, but Knocklyon is miles out from the city, getting a bus is is an absolute nightmare in the morning, most are full and when u do get on one, itll be a good hour or more to get ya in. Then when ya get back to your actual doghouse ya can’t even unwind with a smoke. oh, and forget about getting into a relationship. the accomodation, like so many poo-boxes these days, are for one only, and going by the bed space you wouldnt fit her in anyway. christ.

  4. Junkface

    Live, love, laugh, MURDER!

    These living spaces are not good for the human psyche, should be illegal.

  5. missred

    Kitchen not too terrible, or the loo facilities, but who wants to sit next to the washing machine in a grandad chair while it rattles away? And how do you get up to the bed?

    1. vertigo

      doubt you could cook in that kitchen
      I doubt you could fit a plate in the sink
      Its also a death trap
      Imagine if it went on fire and you woke up then smashed your head on the ceiling then tried to climb down the ladder

  6. Liam Deliverance

    Why are those press doors half open, do they they not fully close, its driving me mad!

  7. Cian

    I’ve lived in worse.

    I think this sort of thing is fine. If you are single would you rather something small and self-contained like this? Your own front door. Privacy. Your own cooking & toilet facilities.

    Or to share a 3-bed apartment with random strangers? you get your own bedroom, but need to share living, cooking and toilet space.

    1. Brother Barnabas

      so have i – much worse

      but €750 a month is greedily exploiting the housing crisis

      1. Anomanomanom

        completely agree. but a friend of mine was paying €700 a month for a room. He’d have loved something like this, which I suppose goes to show the desperation some people find them selves in.

  8. dylad.

    You wouldn’t want to wake suddenly in that bed you’d knock yourself out again.

  9. Jumper

    Is DAFT.ie the most aptly named site on the internet now with all these ‘to rent’ ads going up at the advertised prices?

  10. kellma

    Washing machine under the bed you say!
    *Turns to spin cycle 1400 and throws vibrator in the bin.

    Winning on a Friday….

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