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  1. Janet, I ate my Avatar

    aghhh 10km is not a mini marathon it is 1/4
    It’s still great and fair play to all involved !
    but marathon runner is a hard earned title so call a spade a spade …please

    1. Lilly

      Agree, calling it an anything-marathon is stretching it. I saw one woman, wearing an Irish Cancer Society t-shirt taking some time out on the outward leg (Donnybrook village) for… a cigarette!

      1. SOQ

        And? My last gym instructor smoked. Pretty sure he was a lot healthier than lard asses like O’Reilly who complain about smoking outdoors while shoveling 6 course meals down their cake holes.

        1. Janet, I ate my Avatar

          smoking one after every meal is the equivalent to living in a Paris pollution never mind training in it according to a French doctor…
          disclaimer; I never have or will smoke tobacco

          1. Spaghetti Hoop

            It’s a fun run. And nothing bates a creamy pint and a fag afterwards. Seasoned marathon-runners with their PB nonsense should do it for fun and for charity, and the lard-asses applauded.

          2. Janet, I ate my Avatar

            defiantly applauded
            absolutely with all respect and yeah running should be fun
            but drop the marathon bit imo
            it’s a bug bear I have

        2. terry1

          Sure he smoked SOQ
          Bet you are partial to the odd ciggie
          Maybe we need a referendum on the matter

          1. SOQ

            Yes I am, and I have a 97% lung capacity which for my age is better than good.

            Nobody is saying smoking is good for you but there are many other factors too. Weight is the no1 killer but if fat people were treated with the same rudeness as smokers, there would be uproar.

            London has the highest rates of lung cancer in the UK yet is nowhere near the highest ratio of smokers. Go figure why that is.

          2. terry1

            I once smoked and gave them up
            But I have not got 97% lung capacity which is remarkable for an ex smoker
            My father smoked until he died at 90
            He was never sick
            He reckoned the fumes from his cigarettes sterilised the air
            I kid you not
            Various things cause cancer including stress
            So smoking is just like any other catalyst
            I agree with SOQ
            Our environment is full of nasty things and the biggest threat is our diet

          1. SOQ

            Thanks for the clarification there clamps, given what we know about rugby players these days, anything is possible.

          2. rotide

            I thought everyone knew BoD smoked.

            Also, what we ‘know’about rugby players? would ye ever knock it off.

            Given what we ‘know’ about gay people, we could make a few conclusions, but I doubt that would go down particularly well

          3. rotide

            I’m sure there’s plenty. There’s an entire team of them in Ireland but I think you missed my point SOQ.

            You were massively generalising all rugby players on the basis of 2 of them. Wouldn’t it just be fantastic if we went back to generalising all gay men based on a tiny percentage of their population too

      2. Dinny Do Well?

        Smoking is not a problem (generally). Many of the Dublin Marathon pacers are smokers, and ever tried running events in France or Italy?

        Anybody with a pulse can run a 5KM (look at Parkrun FFS). Anyone in any reasonable shape can knock out a 10KM in 70 minutes without training.

        The real showstopper here is obesity. The top selling item at the VHI WMM expo is donuts.

        This event is a complete disgrace to even have the word “mini” in it, yet alone “marathon”. It should be stopped or renamed to something more appropriate such as “The I can’t believe it’s not butter run”, “Love Both Buns Run” or something that resonates with the field.

        And as for it’s credibility – where’s Paul Kimmage when you need him:

        ‘I’m no cheat, I did the full 10K,’ says Rosanna Davison

        The former Miss World is baffled by suggestions that she didn’t complete the mini-marathon, writes Niamh Horan


          1. Dinny Do Well?

            Great name for the event: “The Need a Bun, Hun Run”.

            Thanks for contributing!

        1. Janet, I ate my Avatar

          Funny 10km is hard work for some people
          respect to all
          that’s my point it doesn’t need hyped up to something it’s not

      1. Janet, I ate my Avatar

        yep just don’t call your 10k. a marathon or someone might shove their nailless toes IN YO FACE :)

    2. Dinny Do Well?

      It’s not even 1/1 of a marathon. A marathon is 42.195 km. This farcical chardiee event run by a health insurance company is 10km.

      They should stop insulting women marathon runners. Go Cork!

    3. Bob

      When did they start running these things on a Sunday?
      Always used to be on the Bank Holiday Monday.

      1. Dinny Do Well?

        Changed a couple of years ago. the logic being people needed recovery time after the event – well, at least in the Dublin Marathon’s case.The 10KM Flora/VHI WMM event recovery time – nah.

        This year’s disruption to the Dublin Race Series (after last year’s Half Marathon fiasco) is because of his wholesomeness the Pope is arriving and celebrating a gig with haunted bread in the Phoenix Park, so the Dublin 10 Miler Race had to move. Dublin could not handle two events at the same time apparently.


        1. Lilly

          Speak for yourself Dinny. I would need recovery time after a 10k. So would plenty of people.

          Irrespective of what it’s called, it’s great to see people out in groups enjoying themselves and getting some exercise and fresh air.

      2. Gabby

        @ Bob: They want people on Monday to flock to the open stores and buy, buy, buy. The tinkle of money and the swipe of debit cards is more musical than the tramping of 10,000 pairs of shoes on the suburban streets.

          1. Janet, I ate my Avatar

            last time I checked sports gear needs a wash
            more often than lots of other fellow runners seem to think if last group run is anything to go buy

          2. Brother Barnabas

            I’ve been guilty of that a few times

            thing is – seems fine beforehand; it’s 3 or 4 minutes in that you realise it isn’t fine at all

          3. terry1

            The 3800 repossessions is the real news
            For now after working their way down the list from billions owed its now thousands
            And property has recovered so time to boot out the accidental caretakers
            And they will
            Its only the start

  2. petey

    if the US and israel have the n-bomb, why can’t iran?
    don’t have any use for nationalism, but sauce for the goose…

    1. RepealerBertie

      When you see how the US treats Arab nations that don’t have the bomb wouldn’t you want one?

      1. Sheik Yahbouti

        It would appear that any country’s chances of escaping American imperialism and interference is to have nuclear arms. It appears to be the only thing they fear/respect.

        1. RepealerBertie

          Normally, yes, but Humpty Trumpty seems to have a serious bee in his butt about North Korea. I presume it’s down to his hands not being his only small appendages.

    2. Topsy

      Anyone who thinks Iran should be allowed have the N bomb needs their head examined.

      1. bisted

        …and who do you think should ‘allow’ countries to have nuclear bombs*

        *asking for a comrade…

        1. Nigel

          Speaking personally there should be an international effort to stem nuclear proliferation and to pressure existing nuclear powers to decommission their arsenals. This was the general policy, with the notable failure of North Korea largely thanks to the dumb belligerence GW Bush to show its value, until a US president obsessed with expanding and updating the US arsenal and who stated that he could see no reason why nuclear weapons shouldn’t be used in conflicts and who saw no value to efforts to keep smaller rogue states from acquiring nuclear weapons. So here we are.

          1. f_lawless

            I’m confused; which US president do you mean? The duplicitous Obama who superficially talked of America’s commitment to ” to seek the peace and security of a world without nuclear weapons” but in reality (according to this 2016 article) it was his own administration which “barely made a dent in the gigantic nuclear arsenal the United States has”; reduced the US’ nuclear weapons stockpile at a much slower pace than under George W Bush; ..and most significantly of all “committed more than $1 trillion over the next several decades to further entrenching the (US nuclear weapons) system into permanence” ?

          2. Nigel

            I’ve bad news for you. There’s a different guy who’s president now. Wait’ll you hear what he thinks of nuclear weapons.

          3. bisted

            …now Trump would have a lot to live down to meeting crooked Hillary’s record for regime changes…

      2. petey

        Anyone who thinks Israel and the US should be allowed have the N bomb needs their head examined.

        1. petey

          or france or england or russia etc.
          where did the “5 minutes to edit your post” go?

  3. Ron

    let’s target the anti abortion activists and find out where they live and work and let’s camp outside where they live and harass them to the point that they will think twice about getting involved in such tactics.

  4. Cu Cullan

    It’s really unreal how our society has been completely undermined by a total lack of independent thinking and/or analysis. There is not a shred of evidence that Iran is making a bomb and yet there the claim is, writ large on the mast of a major newspaper. You could go through each paper and find something similar. It’s the beginning of the end.

    1. RepealerBertie

      Who needs evidence when you have media coverage and spin? It worked for Blair and Bush in Iraq.

    2. Sheik Yahbouti

      It’s the big open secret. The whole world knows it’s a load of twaddle (like the WMD in Iraq), but the whole world will pretend to believe it out of fear of America. They know America has not been anyone’s ‘ally’ for a very long time, but is certainly a power to be appeased.

    3. Bob

      It’s not fake news so much as it is old news pretending to relevant.

      There’s no evidence of Iran making any recent attempts to make the bomb, and everyone else except the US believes they have abided by the agreement.

      Which isn’t to say they haven’t been doing other naughty things but anyhoo.

      I hope it doesn’t come to war, I’ve heard the Iranians are nice people but they’ve got some awful politicians, reminds me of somewhere.

      1. Al (the pal) Pachinovich

        One day an Iranian man gave me an LSD tab for free, during my lunch break.
        I had no idea what was going on, but then the World became very bouncy. I got a half-day off, by default.
        Two months later he sold me 10 Panadol and told me it was ecstacy.

        I still have 8 of them.
        If any of you have a pain in your swiss-roll…

        1. SOQ

          That’s nice. Now off you go on your unicorn, the poor thing needs a bit of exercise every now and again.

    4. Owen

      Iran fired a missile into Israel 3 weeks ago. The only main news to cover it was Fox News. Normally that’s a reason to ignore the news, but on this occasion the truth suited (Trump) Fox, and their Pro-Israel / Anti-Iran agenda.

      Now starts the propaganda train, where the US rallies its allies against Iran and find reason to make their existence harder. And, rather then rally against Israel and open dialogue with Iran, all the US allies, the UN and NATO will fall in line, send arms to Israel, sanction Iran and support the inevitable irradiation of Palestine.

      1. kaNigel

        Fortunately Trump has alienated US allies and is in the middle of launching a trade war against them, so that should be an uphill struggle, especially considering what happened the last time Republicans launched a Middle East adventure.

      2. Nigel

        Fortunately Trump has alienated US allies and is in the middle of launching a trade war against them, so that should be an uphill struggle, especially considering what happened the last time Republicans launched a Middle East adventure.

  5. Dinny Do Well?

    Forget this Nuclear BS. We have more important things to discuss – like the non-mini non-marathon.

  6. johnny

    some light reading for the bank holiday-there has be a better way!

    1-NAMA Commission of Investigation
    (six month delay due to NAMA NOT providing info requested)


    2-IRBC_Progress Update Report
    (after 5 extensions -was due be completed in end 2015-IRBC Commission report now due end 2018)


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