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He literally wrote the book.

“Criminal conspiracies can only function in secrecy and silence.  There is also a less apparent dynamic; the need to shut out the truth…

It seems to me when you retreat from reality you have two basic choices. You can either be like a man with a repulsive secret who displays himself as a dedicated, selfless educator…

…Or, you can bring others into the circle….Those who are chosen…are selected to think as the others think and to act as the others think and to act as the others act..

No one of them is likely ever to suddenly stand up and yell: “This is wrong”. Each one reinforces the other. They are each a false mirror to one another.

As for outsiders they are people who are not ‘us’ and who do not matter. In short they have little , or no, reflective capacity. They are deliberately put together that way.

A confederation of lies achieves its own form of perfection when the circle of intention becomes so closed that no one outside the group counts.”

From Lies In  A Mirror by Peter Charleton (Blackhall, 2006)

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3 thoughts on “Non-Fiction Book Corner

  1. Pip

    Thanks, Broadsheet.
    Very interesting and stimulating read, as might be expected. His words are always a joy to read.
    It’s also pretty unavailable but Amazon have it for a massive €700+…….

  2. M

    “Suppressio veri, expressio falsi.”

    Ballentine’s Law Dictionary Definition: The suppression of truth is the expression of falsehood.

    “It is a rule of equity, as well as of law, that a suppressio veri is equivalent to a suggestio falsi; and where either the suppression of the truth or the suggestion of what is false can be proved, in a fact material to the contract, the party injured may have relief against the contract.” Fleming v. Slocum. 18 Johns. (N. Y.) 405, 9 Am. Dec. 224.

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