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He literally wrote the book.

“Criminal conspiracies can only function in secrecy and silence.  There is also a less apparent dynamic; the need to shut out the truth…

It seems to me when you retreat from reality you have two basic choices. You can either be like a man with a repulsive secret who displays himself as a dedicated, selfless educator…

…Or, you can bring others into the circle….Those who are chosen…are selected to think as the others think and to act as the others think and to act as the others act..

No one of them is likely ever to suddenly stand up and yell: “This is wrong”. Each one reinforces the other. They are each a false mirror to one another.

As for outsiders they are people who are not ‘us’ and who do not matter. In short they have little , or no, reflective capacity. They are deliberately put together that way.

A confederation of lies achieves its own form of perfection when the circle of intention becomes so closed that no one outside the group counts.”

From Lies In  A Mirror by Peter Charleton (Blackhall, 2006)

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‘An Awful Lot Of People Haven’t Told Me The Truth’

11 April, 2000.

The last day of the trial of Catherine Nevin for the murder Tom Nevin at their pub, Jack White’s Inn, near Brittas Bay in County Wicklow in the early hours of 19 March 1996.

Paddy McEntee (left) senior counsel for Catherine Nevin and Peter Charleton (right) senior counsel for the prosecution – currently chairman the Disclosures Tribunal – outside the Four Courts await the verdict, as the jury neared the end of its fifth day of deliberation.

Ms Nevin, who died on Monday night at a care facility in Dublin after being diagnosed with a brain tumour, was given a life sentence.

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Garda Commissioner Noirin O’Sullivan

The Disclosures Tribunal will resume in two weeks’ time on Monday, September 18 – two days before the Dáil resumes.

The tribunal is investigating claims of an orchestrated smear campaign against Garda whistleblower Sgt Maurice McCabe, by former Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan and with the knowledge of the current Garda Commissioner Noirin O’Sullivan, as alleged by the former Head of the Garda Press Office Supt Dave Taylor.

The tribunal released an opening statement in February in which it stated that, there were 15 phones which were of interest to the tribunal’s investigators but only four had been located at that point.

Further to this…

John Mooney, in yesterday’s Sunday Times, reported:

Garda Headquarters has so far been unable to account for what happened to certain phones, which the tribunal wants to have forensically examined to extract data, emails and internet browsing histories.

Charleton’s team has taken possession of at least two of the six phones once used by Callinan, who retired from his position amid controversy in 2014.

The tribunal team has yet to recover mobile phones used by O’Sullivan, who succeeded Callinan.

She used at least six mobile phones during the period under investigation. A smartphone she used while deputy commissioner in charge of operations, and which is of particular significance to the tribunal, is said to be lost.

Of 15 mobile phones the tribunal has sought, fewer than six have been located so far by gardai. Other pieces of IT hardware, including iPads used by O’Sullivan and laptop computers, have been surrendered.

In addition, Mr Mooney reported:

“The tribunal recently interviewed both civilian staff and gardai who worked at the garda press office at relevant times to ascertain if they had knowledge of any media strategy against McCabe. The witnesses have denied knowledge of any conspiracy. It is understood their evidence has been accepted by investigators working for Charleton.”

Investigators step up search for officers’ missing mobiles (John Mooney, The Sunday Times)

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How Did He Get Here?

Moment of laughter at the Disclosures Tribunal when Supreme Court judge Peter Charleton stopped proceedings as a woman attempted to leave the hall but couldn’t open the door.

As he stopped the proceedings to draw attention to her plight, he said he didn’t want to be accused of false imprisonment.



Charleton J 2014

Judge Peter Charleton

Daniel McConnell, in the Irish Examiner, writes:

The public Tribunal of Inquiry into allegations of a smear campaign against Sgt Maurice McCabe is to hold its first hearing on Monday, it has emerged.

…The Irish Examiner understands that Judge Charleton will make an opening address at the commencement of the Tribunal, which will take place in Dublin Castle.

It is understood that once underway, the tribunal will spend up to three months in private preparing for full public hearings to commence.

Judge Charleton is expected to conclude the McCabe body of work between nine months and a year.

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Pic: Supreme Court