Meanwhile, At The Disclosures Tribunal


From top:  Juno McEnroe. Cormac O’Keefe. Daniel McConnell, Dearbhail McDonald and Ian Mallon at Dublin Castle today

This morning.

Dublin Castle, Dublin 2

The Disclosures Tribunal has resumed with Juno McEnroe, political correspondent of the Irish Examiner, currently giving evidence into his knowledge of the alleged smearing of Garda whistleblower Sgt Maurice McCacbe.

Also scheduled to appear today are Mr McEnroe’s Examiner colleagues Cormac O’Keefe and Daniel McConnell along with  Dearbhail McDonald, Ian Mallon and Paul Williams, all of the Irish Independent,

Olga Cronin is live tweeting from the castle and can be followed here.

More as Olga gets it.



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  1. Viola

    When will this beard craze die out? You can’t tell who’s who with half their faces covered these days. And they look poo poo.

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