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    1. Harry Molloy

      self made woman, very admirable. it’s a shame being a strong independent woman with her own thoughts and opinions threatens some people so much.

          1. Topsy

            No much intellectual heft – judging by some of the tripe attributed to her in that illustrious weekly publication – The Sunday World.

          2. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

            Doesn’t matter which school she went to: it didn’t help her in the general knowledge round on Celebrity Mastermind.

          3. Daisy Chainsaw

            She’s now married to Spenny Matthews, another reality show “personality”. I’d say the naming rights to the impending birth have already been sold to OK magazine.

      1. George

        Didn’t her career start when a tv production company constructed a fake life for her as part of a tv show?

      2. Dinny Do Well?

        “self made woman”.

        Glad to see she’s taking the blame. Slow day on thejournal.ie comments and #marian provocation thread is it?

      1. Dinny Do Well?

        *Nobody* cares.
        Its like saying I won’t be bullied by people who see me taking a leak behind a wheelie bin. Get over it.

    2. Harry Molloy

      she is filling her life with events and memories. she’ll have more to think about on her deathbed than any of you chumps

      1. mildred st meadowlark

        Harry, are you channelling your inner Vogue today or something?

        Because it’s brilliant and I for one would like to see more.

      2. Janet, I ate my Avatar

        Harry has a perfectly understandable and natural appreciation of the ladies attributes
        more power to your elbow Harry ;)

      3. Harry Molloy

        I sincerely appreciate drive, intelligence, ambition, and the payoff of success. She has excelled.
        And she’s an absolute ride!

        1. Bob

          Harry White Knight of the Internet.
          Women love that.

          I’m sure you’ll be top of the list when Vogue is looking for her third future ex-husband.

          1. Harry Molloy

            you don’t do “it” for chicks mate, you do is cos it’s right, we all could be better allies

  1. SoLo

    I don’t know what she does I just know the only time I’ve actually seen her on something was when Tommy Tiernan interviewed her and thought she was a man.

    1. mildred st meadowlark

      Hah! That was hilarious. In fairness to her, she took it in her stride.

  2. Ghj

    Newspapers, they’re literally old news. Can’t understand how anyone would still buy them.

    1. Bob

      News is by definition old.

      Do you even science?

      I don’t enjoy the overly syndicated crap pile of regurgitated news mixed with poorly thought out opinion columnists but complaining about it not being timely enough is the least of their problems.

    1. Martco

      yeah noticeable uplift in the usual spin, kites & utter scutter across all the Beano & Dandy comics today

      ‘tis June of course

      1. Bertie Blenkinsop

        Harsh on The Beano (and The Dandy is no longer printed unfortunately)

        A Beano fan.

  3. Gearóid

    A lot of variance re NHS between the Observer, Telegraph and Express. A lot of variance. Throw what the FT Weekend into the mix and it’s even more fantastical.

    1. SOQ

      How can it be a dividend if they have to raise taxes to pay for it? Interesting how they are so public about the apparent cost savings yet have kept all impact assessments top secret. The first thing to sky rocket will be fresh food because the shelf life is so short.

  4. Bertie Blenkinsop

    Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads and anyone missing their Dads today.
    Peace and Love.

  5. Catherine costelloe

    Lord Haw Haw released “top secret questionaire” to the Sunday Indo I think.

  6. simon

    How can we be having a housing crises when we are Europe’s empty nest?
    Maybe these figures used are from those declaring income?
    So what’s going on Marvin

    1. Cian

      An empty nest is when an older couple (or single parent) is still living iin the family home. So 1 or 2 people living in a 3 or 4 bed home.
      Not a good use of resources.

      1. Johnny

        So build some senior housing-FFS it ain’t rocket science !
        Dody foreign and yank capital of dubious origin, has flooded into Ireland courtesy of NAMA,offering completely out whack returns relative to the risk.
        Until the govt takes action there will be no capital at reasonable rates to build, now it’s the old people fault !
        Where are they supposed move or down size into ?
        NY’s latest budget allocated 500 million to build senior housing and free up “empty nests” it’s called a solution!


      2. simon

        And since when do we live in a world that older people have to downsize because they are living in a family house
        The communists tried this under starlin in Russia
        It seems the housing crises is worse than they are letting on

    2. Bob

      Just because older people might have a spare bedroom doesn’t mean that it would be suitable to rent it out.
      You could have ten or ten thousand houses with one room empty and still not have suitable accommodation for a small family.

  7. simon

    So few Irish titles on bs
    What about Sunday business post, examiner ,tribune?
    What will happen post brexit?

    1. Jibjob

      The Sunday Tribune is dead.
      The Irish Examiner does not publish on Sundays.
      The lack of the Sunday Business Post is more puzzling: I have a copy (so it certainly came out today) and I am in England!

        1. Johnny

          Gosh no,they aren’t missed,Key Capital which has been buying loans from NAMA is majority owner of SPB,Blue Hugh (pol cor) is reason enough ignore it.

  8. simon

    We seem to be having a crime wave and the gardai are now cutting back on overtime
    Maybe a deal has been reached by Leo and the criminal gangs to regulate crime and just make it a nine to five industry which operates five days a week?

    1. Catherine costelloe

      Possibly. GSOC have recruited 5 garda …..to investigate garda….at Templemore . ‘Independent” my eye. Close GSOC and start afresh.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        And still no word on the Revenue investigations, who had control of the Dublin account for the Templemore buckos.

        1. simon

          Seems possible fraud is endemic in all state agencies
          I say that because a few days ago Spanish doctors and nurses said working in Ireland paid them far more than back home and conditions are better
          As to compared to HSE saying its impossible to hire staff
          And when you cannot hire staff you resort to agencies
          And look at the 30 stages to hire psychological nurses etc

          It seems government is happy enough to accept this
          But is it because they do not want to deliver the services for reasons of their own

  9. SOQ

    Anyone following the Tommy Robinson story in the UK, sorry England? He was jailed for 13 months in breach of a media blackout during a sensitive paedophile ring case involving Asians. And is now in fear of his jailed life by… Asians. Odd that .!.

    Even Katie Hopkins has got involved, she of the K tranquilliser. Geert Wilders turned up to the #FreeTommy march in London. Most never heard what he said, even with amplification, mainly because they can’t use their mouths and ears at the one time.


    1. Repealer Bertie

      The Free Tommy campaign are calling on a boycott of the judge. How will that work? Strictly obey the laws so none of them end up in court? I’m just waiting for the entire thing to be revealed as some deep satire.

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