11 thoughts on “De Monday Papers

  1. SOQ

    Times: Pope and da gays.

    Mary McAleese is way more in tune with Irish Catholics than himself but sure she’s just a silly old woman eh?

    Whatever about abortion, they would have been wise to keep zipped on same sex families because no matter how it is spun, gay parents and their children are not equal in the eyes of the church.

    1. Frilly Keane

      One thing tho’

      Parents are equal in the eyes of the child
      And that’s all that really matters

      *Only Parents control that relationship, no-one else, so eff what the Pope or anyone else for that matter, has ta say on parenting

  2. Grace

    Ah that Francis is a great lad isn’t he? So progressive.
    Oh wait no, he’s just as dogmatic as pope Benny. He is really going to hate the Ireland he finds himself in, isn’t he?!

  3. Clampers Outside!

    So many question…

    Are they trying anthropomorphism of cattle now Ted?
    Which came first the chic… the billboard ad campaign or the ‘front page’ news?

    G’wan the vegans, doin’ their funny thing with the editors :)

  4. johnny

    HAHAHAHA-you know those people that say i told you so :)

    companies that blame the weather for no growth and failing earnings are laughed at,bonds back at mid 20% yield-The End Is Near.

    In 2015, Digicel had $500m in cash. It now has $155m-h/t NWL.

    “Digicel’s earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization in the quarter ending March 31 dropped to $253 million from the year-earlier period, as the company altered tariffs and took a $3 million hit from hurricanes, the company said in the presentation to bondholders on Monday. Full-year earnings dropped 2 percent to just over $1 billion”


  5. johnny

    Digi’s vital strategic partner had a dead cat bounce after Ross attempted lift sanctions,the senate overwhelming voted yesterday in a defense bill to reinstate them,its the final nail in that coffin.
    Why hasn’t Digi announced a new partnership-this is not exactly a recent development !

    “Following the Senate vote, ZTE shares lost 25% in Hong Kong. They have now fallen more than 60% since they resumed trading last week, wiping billions of dollars off the company’s market value.”


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