Come Dance With Them



Waterfront Hall, Belfast.

Scenes from the Sinn Féin Ard Feis where delegates, led by Mary Lou McDonald and Michelle O’Neil voted to support the government’s position on abortion.  Ceremonies were closed with a rendition of ‘Sisters, Are Doing It For Themselves ‘ which prompted dancing (above).

Mark Marlowe/Rollingnews


Martin McGuinness’s Son’s Emmett (left) and Fiachra with Michelle O’Neill and Mary Lou McDonald at the Waterfront Hall on Saturday.

Mark Marlowe/Rollingnews

33 thoughts on “Come Dance With Them

    1. Topsy

      Couldn’t you be at least a little bit original.
      Legends – the lot of them. In government after next election.

      1. Fridge

        Unlikely they will be in government after the next election, possibly the one after that.

        In what way do you want me to be original? Just for your amusement?

        Anyone in their right mind should be afraid of SF and everything they stand for.

        1. Topsy

          So approx 20% of voters arn’t in their right minds. Vote for the blue shirt right wing fascists – should they.

        2. Frilly Keane

          Oh hello
          Welcome to Broadsheet

          I look forward to working with . … well, tackling ya,
          More like

          Here’s a taste
          Know this
          Sinn Fein if not in the next Government
          Will have brokered it’s composition

          If Leo calls a snap election
          It’s ’cause he and Marylou have already had a bitta’ve sneaky clinger,
          And sorted something

          Now is the time for both parties to put FF well behind them
          Especially now that the majority of their members
          More the 80% are ProLife
          and the Majority of their Oireachtas Reps 75% ish
          are also on the wrong side of a Referendum
          A party smothered in landslide sludge

          1. SOQ

            In fairness, every dance club in Belfast has first class wheelchair access. Maybe you can explain why that is Frilly?

          2. Fridge

            Thanks for the welcome Frilly. I’m not sure what to make of your shtick, I know people seem to enjoy it but it’s not to my taste.
            Topsy, your reactionary response to my post gives me the impression that you are exactly that, a reactionary, incapable of entertaining any views other than your own.
            SF are a dangerous menace. Topsy, you should fit right in!

          3. Frilly Keane

            so you are familiar then
            and not just a blow in

            Menace huh?

            Sinn Fein will be bigger players in the next Government
            than Fianna Fail are
            in this one
            or the next as it happens

            so go sit on that one

            or go on over there n’ play with Derek Mooney
            he’s all on his own too

        3. johnny

          ….cause SF are inclusive and big supporters of the Special Olympics :)
          oh gawd its the only gay in the village shtick again spare us,beyond boring at this point….

          1. johnny

            meow-your sexual orientation clearly defines you and is in every post you make on here,but its irrelevant to me and most people its 2018!

          2. SOQ

            Sexuality defines no one, only other people’s prejudices, just like all other stupid nonsense.

            Now if you think that all I say on this site is about being gay then up to you but I just commented on how many clubbers in Belfast are in wheelchairs is all.

            Odd association no?

          3. johnny

            ..and on this day in 1994 the UVF murdered 6 irish football fans,watching the world cup,kinda old news and irrelevant to the post right…
            your sexual orientation is no excuse for being a bore,nor does it shield you from criticism,its not that important,who cares!
            really with the childish your boyfriend is…grow up for FFS.

      2. simon

        Doubt it
        They still cannot be honest about their murderous roots
        The disappeared and their refusal to admit they were affiliated to the provisional IRA
        You can dress a pig in a suit and guess what its still a pig
        Many families still do not know to date where their loved ones lie

    1. simon

      Refers to Sean Russell in Berlin
      And not much publicized was the IRAs declaration of war 1939 against Britain
      In 1940 Sean Russell occupied a palatial villa in Berlin enjoying all the trappings of a pampered guest of Hitler’s government as many Irish lived in squalor in the republic
      Google it

      1. Dinny Do Well?

        Seen your types at Fairview park too. Statue smashing, book burning….. the irony.

      2. johnny

        WTF are you on bout-he died in 1940 on a boat and was buried at sea!
        seriously are on drugs or something or simply intellectually challenged,you post above once again is about the ‘disappeared’ this one is about WW2-its 2018 stop smoking crack and go some get help.

  1. Bernie

    I’m in agreement with you, Johnny, inclusive is the word. Arlene is tripping herself at the moment, trying to appear the same, congratulating Fermanagh GAA team on their win last week, meeting with some of the members of it’s team a couple of days ago and meeting with Muslims and getting her hand painted with henna. Now she’s attending her first LGBT event!!!! Stone the crows, not transparent at all…

    I’m pleased to see BS including this news item, we are a 32 county country, the news items on here should reflect that. At times, things that take place in the six counties are not reported on at all by any of the southern news outlets, I, for one, find that extremely offensive.

    1. SOQ

      I don’t find it offensive at all. Clowns waving flags at each other while marching round in circles for 30 odd years just about sums NI up.

      Now if someone, anyone, was to talk about the appalling abuse of workers rights because of the high unemployment or how many emigrate to ROI or Britain then yes, we have something real and genuine to relate to.

    2. johnny

      Hi Bernie,i thought Mary Lou’s speech was great, clearly the powers that be are rattled,they’ve a bad dose off ‘Cry ‘Havoc!’, and let slip the dogs of war’-Doherty was actually asked on RTE what’d he know about Shergar (the missing horse from 1983,cough insurance job),Pearse was 6!

      looks like the DUP overplayed its hand.

  2. realPolithicks

    “we are a 32 county country”

    How do you figure that, norn iron has always seemed like a different country to me.

  3. Joe Small

    Sinn Fein are becoming fairly mainstream already. They’ve done u-turns on water charges and abortion already with more to come. This is what happens when a right-wing nationalist party tries to pretend it’s left wing.
    They’ll be in government soon enough but they’ll lose they’re halo with the young people once those supporters realise that governing is all about compromising your beliefs and doing squalid little deals just to get through the week.

  4. Bernie

    Hi there, Johnny, Mary Lou’s speech was superlative and significant. Sinn Fëin and their supporters are continuously being accused of being stuck in the past, yet when they listen to what the Irish people want and move forward on the foot of that, they are lambasted for it. Ireland is changing, North and South, the critics will get used to it and go with it or fossilize, like the DUP.

    Wasn’t Shergar found at Smithfield many moons ago ;-) RTE and their usual political bias, one trick ponies at best.

    Good to see that the British soldier that murdered Aidan McAnespie at Auchnacloy checkpoint in 1988, is going to be charged. Aidan was shot in the back after he walked through the checkpoint on his way to play a match at his local GAA grounds. This particular prosecution is long, long overdue.

    1. johnny

      Bernie-it took a german reporter to ask Ahern who’s tarnished and battered image was getting refurbished for a presidential run to ask him about his lets be honest,his frankly bizarre and quite possibly corrupt-ive no bank ac-situation.He got up and walked out,if a SF rep did that over any historical issue it would result in outcry.
      Your right Ireland is indeed changing and many people are stuck in the past,trotting out old tired questions that are completely irrelevant,but asking Pearse about the dead horse is my favorite one recently.

      Very happy for Aidan’s family and the community,that justice may finally be coming,it was cold blooded murder.

      (Col in chief off grenadier guards is duke of york)

  5. Bernie

    Johnny, you’re spot on regarding Ahern slithering, like the snake that he is, out of the interview with the German reporter. No intention of giving an explanation
    or clarification, just plough on thinking we will be mug enough to accept him as a potential presidential candidate, so he could fk us over for a second time. Shouldn’t have been any great surprise really, the same imbeciles and compulsive liars are voted in time and again in this country.

    Thanks for the link,. ‘The Granadier Guards boast 78 Battle Honours having served with distrinction in battle campaigns throughout British history’ – such pride in worldwide savagery.

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