Sauvignon Blanc writes:

For weeks Grafton St. Ireland’s premier shopping street has been covered with a coating of slime and dirt, even though it is the height of the tourist season. On Saturday, the street was at last washed and cleaned. Why did it take the City Council so long to notice the problem? 


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12 thoughts on “Finally

  1. ben

    Fupp the tourists, why does everything have to be based on concern for what some ignorant willy-winkle in a baseball hat thinks? Why not take care of the city because it’s our city, where we live?

    1. Kolmo

      I wouldn’t say fupp the tourists but you are correct, roads get fixshed because tour de france say, hospital beds get shuffled around because health minister is visiting, english royalty visiting? – resource the Gardaí and Army properly to protect them, probably no litter either where they are gracing themselves with our presence. International tech or pharma company getting built? – excellent dual carriage ways and most planning issues ‘cleared up’ nice and swift, like, at tax payers expense no doubt. Highlight some barbaric travesty regarding a health service on Joe Duffy? – sorted…etc
      Google or Facebook can’t house their staff? We’ll see how quick the housing catastrophe gets resolved..
      It has always been thus.

      1. Alors

        I have a cunning stunt: when foreign royals et al come to visit, someone say “You must see our wonderful local hospital…”

        1. Kolmo

          Are you Professor Cunnning? Because that is a cunning stunt..bravo Madame/Monsieur ou les deux, Braveux!

  2. Scraib

    Wasn’t there an issue with the type of stone used on the street when they redid it a few years ago? Something about it staining easily (as you can see) relative to other types of stone?

  3. Jonjo

    Wonder how long it’ll take to get filthy again.

    It’ll be like the spire. After a while, the Council won’t care about keeping it maintained. The pathetic little light at the top of that now, paid for by some businessman.

    You’d think they may have thought about these things at the planning stage.

  4. Junkface

    Looks like they were shamed into doing their job. They must not have given a damn, or noticed, or cared.

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