24 thoughts on “Volt Age

    1. Rugbyfan

      Well Joe, I had nuthin’ else to whinge about so I thought this might get people as equally annoyed as I am!

    1. Tony

      Yes it is. And the Nissan one is different to the Renault one. There are several non compatible connector systems in use which seems pretty stupid. Also there are so few Teslas in Ireland that they only have a few dedicated charging points. The one above is one of them. Hardly ‘exclusive’ more like rare

      1. Braaap

        74 , they can charge off the ESB points, superchargers are 135kW as opposed to the 50 kW of the ESB points

        1. Tony

          Yeah 74 out of 1100. Pretty rare. Also hilarious that the only electric car capable of driving the length of Ireland without having to recharge has just 11 charge points outside Dublin. No doubt the technology and charging network will catch up in the next few years.

  1. Frilly Keane

    ‘would love a Model X
    but at a hundred n’ ten grand

    lemme just say that I probably wouldn’t be knocking around here if I could go to Lidl in that kinda car

    shur that would get ya a 4 bed in Leitrim

    1. Martco

      I’d love to know who has €100k+ to unload in order to become an early adopter of what is to me a glorified milk float. it’s nonsense, nuts.

    2. Bonkers

      Their Model 3 is *only* 35k. I saw one the other day stuck in the annual summer traffic jams on the N2 near Tayto Park, it looks swish. The tail back was around 2 miles to the traffic lights. It was an absolute joy to overtake all of them on my motorbike.

  2. george

    Great green washing opportunity for Lidl they can show their support for electric cars without having the hassle of anyone actually using their charger

  3. PlumBobSmearPants

    Now instead of the knee jerk and the time was taken to actually look you’ll see that the one on the left will only wrk with Tesla vehicles and the one on the right will work with any electric vehicle.

      1. SpoofBobBragPants

        Oh should you? Should you really add that? By the way everyone, I drive an electric BMW car FAW FAW FAW

        1. PlumBobSmearPants

          Yes indeedy. I should have. BMW have quite the range of electrified vehicles. For example, the i3 is the EV of choice for GoCars. As such, and being the decent skin that am, by way of a PSA I’m stating that BMWs will work just peachy with the charger on the left.

          PlumBob wears smearpants. But at times will don some swankypants.

  4. Sentient Won

    Electric Cars are powered mostly by Natural Gas, Coal and Turf.

    Losses inherent in generating, transmitting and storing this power means electric cars are half as efficient as the ones powered by internal combustion engines.

    When an electric car battery goes on fire it is almost impossible to extinguish. People have died. (Just ask Tesla)

    But hey: no motor tax, free parking and a boat-load of pointless virtue signalling makes them cool.

    Or something.

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