Water Over The Bridge


This afternoon.

O’Connell Bridge, Dublin 1

Inner City Helping Homeless volunteer Jamie Harrington (with glasses), CEO Anthony Flynn (with beard) and team leader Gerry Carney (white shirt) handing out water, as part of a city-wide programme to ensure homeless people stay hydrated, after Met Eireann issued a status yellow high-temperature warning.

In fairness.


12 thoughts on “Water Over The Bridge

    1. SOQ

      I believe Irish Water is now doing similar. All who accept a bottle are then successful applicants onto a panel to be considered for a job.

      Mair a chapaill is gheobhaidh tú fear etc.

      God bless GDPR.

  1. Baz

    Mid summer fund raising opportunity

    Cost: a few bottles of water and the dignity of those homeless photographed


  2. dav

    Leo won’t like this, he was probably hoping heatstroke would reduce the homeless figures

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