This afternoon.

The Liffey Boardwalk, Dublin 1

The launch of an ‘Irish Call to Boycott Eurovision 2019 in Israel’ Initiated by the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC), PalFest Ireland and Trade Union Friends of Palestine (TUFP), with human rights activists, including artist Robert Ballagh and Senator David Norris.

The group believes Israel’s hosting of the Eurovision will be used to “culturally whitewash and ‘pinkwash’ Israel’s record of war crimes and human rights abuses against the Palestinian people”.


Petition here

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47 thoughts on “Eurovexit

  1. phil

    Dang , Ive been boycotting it for years, and didnt really have a good reason to do so….

  2. Nick

    Rather than boycott, why not sing a pro Palestinian song at the event? Love to see the reaction to that in Israel.

    1. bisted

      …that’s the logic Paul Simon used when he broke the boycott of apartheid South Africa…

        1. bisted

          …there are a lot of people who would have you believe that it wasn’t on the back of the Dunnes Stores strike either…Nelson Mandela came to thank the Dunnes workers personally…

          1. Spaghetti Hoop

            Did you know there is a Celtic cross dedicated to them out near Leenane? Inspiring woman. Nobody gave a rat’s bottom where our food originated from before that.

    1. dondon

      And remember ben and jerry and HB ice cream including magnums
      They sell to Israel
      To cool down enjoy a nice hot cup of tea

  3. john f

    I agree with their sentiments, gods chosen people have just gone too far. However entering the competition with a song overtly critical of the murderous Zionist government and very pro-Palestinian might be more effective.

  4. dondon

    Good old Norris who wrote a letter to bib to get his ex lover Ezra Nawi off a charge of supplying the names of Palestinians to Hamas
    As heposed as a Jew Ladbrokes
    These names ended up on a death list and he was arrested by the authorities
    Norris wrote pleading for clemency to bib
    That sunk his presidential hopes
    So big axe to bring norris

    1. Cu Cullan

      No need, just boycott apartheid Israel.. though an overtly political song, a la Christy Moore, would be far better.. it would of course be banned which would kill two birds with one stone.

      1. dondon

        Fact Norris did that
        Google it
        It seems everyone is frothing at the mouth
        His lover faced charges over posing as a Land broker and handing the names over to Hamas
        It was much reported in the media here and sunk his presidential campaign when he used his position to get clemency for an ex lover from the Israeli prime minister
        I just stated it
        We live in a free democracy and everyone can express an opinion
        Even me and you
        So papi am I making it up
        Yes or no

        1. Frilly Keane

          Whatever dond bhoy

          But lemme tell ya
          That’s not what caused his run for the Áras to bomb

        2. Papi

          Yes, david, you most certainly are making it up. Black is different to white so cats are better than dogs is how you bring across a point, and you’re just too thick to get it.
          Also, LEVE PALESTINA

        3. Cu Cullan

          I thought his mate was raping young Palestinians .. er, having consensual relationships with much younger boys..

    2. Brother Barnabas

      eh, not quite

      the letter written by norris sought clemency for a former partner who was convicted for statutory rape of a 16 year old boy. this wasn’t even the issue – it was that he used seanad notepaper to write the letter.

      1. dondon

        Irish Independent news article 27th June 2018 filed under Irish news
        Regarding death squad sting
        The statutory rape accusation is another

        1. Brother Barnabas

          so norris wrote a letter in 1997 regarding an incident that occurred in 2018


          1. dondon

            Google it
            I did
            The death list is another topic
            The letter to bibi was over the sexual assault allegation the indo report was about the death list revealed in a prime time type sting by an Israeli TV show
            Yes killing all who deal with Jews
            Good old Hamas
            The nature of the beast

  5. Frilly Keane

    Yer wan
    Who won in, guessing now, 2016, with a pretty hardcore political FU
    1940 something

    Ah here, where tf is Fluff

    C’mere, anyone know if the countries that boycott will still have a vote?
    Like if we went out with a full on “come out ya black n’tans” entry
    Ya never know

    1. Yep

      Word er up
      they’re political gangsters
      word er up
      Excuse mister solider
      Word er up
      Quick shooting live rounds
      word er up…

  6. shitferbrains

    At least the Irish can easily avoid saying that some of their best fiends are Jews.

      1. dondon

        Papi Google it
        Israelis president Chaim Herzog was born in Ireland
        He emigrated to Israel as a young man and you are going to love it more
        Rose through the ranks of the IDF
        His brother Jackie was also born here and headed quite a few organisations you hate
        Their father was also wait for it chief rabbi of Ireland
        He had a great understanding through his Irish roots of the Irish psyche and his intelligence expertise
        Was invaluable in the six days war
        I wonder what degree of frothing you are experiencing at this moment
        He was 2 years of age when his father moved from Belfast to Dublin

        1. bisted

          …Herzog was indeed one of the architects of zionism, and indeed Irish…that he foresaw it’s decent into the very fascism that inspired it, I doubt…but the zionist project has failed…a return to a secular Palestine is the only thing that will bring peace…

          1. dondon

            Zionism is the belief of Israel
            All Jews are Zionists for all Jews believe in Israel
            What you refer to is a twisting of the word
            Modern Israel is less tolerant of the likes of Hamas and Fatah as they really have not attempted peace and at the first opportunity resort to violence
            Their violence has ensured an intolerant Israeli leadership
            Maybe the solution is a good Friday type agreement which involves super powers to get them to the same room
            Lets face it little Kim is now talking and that’s a miracle
            Now we have to wait and see if sincerity is real

          2. bisted

            …no…not even a majority of Jews are zionists…you reserve a special vitriol for those Jews who object to the way zionism has attempted to hijack the notion of anti-semitism…

  7. Gabby

    Boycott the Eurovision song contest anywhere. Switch off your TV set and go for a long walk on a short pier.

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