Sex Education Please, We’re Irish


This morning.

Buswells Hotel Dublin

To mark Pride Week, Solidarity–People Before Profit Paul Murphy joined representatives of LGBTQ groups in Ireland to appeal to the Toaiseach not to hold up the Sex Education Bill which would remove religious ethos from the RSE curriculum.

The legislation, which is at the committee stage, is a private member’s Bill – providing for education about consent, contraception, abortion, sexuality and gender issues – and will perish without mainstream political support.

Above from left: Director of Shout Out Bella Fitzpatrick, UCD Students’ Union LGBTQ Coordinator Adrasteia Hughes, VP Dublin Region USI Aisling Cusack , Paul Murphy, Radical Queers Resist’s Erin Sterling and Act Up’s Davy Sulivan.

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14 thoughts on “Sex Education Please, We’re Irish

  1. Martin

    The situations in schools badly needs to change, the whole catholic ethos thing is just not compatible with teaching equality and acceptable.

    1. dondon

      Actually there are massive problems ahead
      Under our constitution religious ethos is enshrined much like the eight amendment
      Now before everyone takes a pot shot at me just think
      As long as the church owns the schools and runs them they can under the constitution refuse to teach sex education
      The only thing to correct this is another referendum to remove the rights of the freedom to practice your religion
      That cannot and will not happen
      But a solution is to remove the church from owning schools and hospitals
      A compulsory purchase order would sort that out plus the money paid to acquire them frozen in an account until the state brings a case to seize the funds for the redress payments of 1.5 billion owed by these institutions to the victims
      The government could do that and its a simple solution

  2. Sentient Won

    Quick, lets start the programming: Pan-sexual promiscuity and Gender Identity Disorder for all !!

    Next there will be a free voucher to get your bits cut off.

      1. dondon

        But Mildred all sexual practice will have to be taught in the schools, as all sexuality is now normal
        For certain practices are quite risky to health without proper sexual health protection
        Now imagine a nine year old digesting all this
        Sent though quite reserved in sexual matters has made a point even if a dash of sarcasm is involved
        And part of transsexuality and gender reassignment involves bits cut off
        And its only fair those who cannot afford the transformation gets it free or as sent said with a voucher

        1. mildred st meadowlark

          I’m sorry, I’m not sure I understand you.

          I fully support a more comprehensive sex ed for children. If kids are given the tools to understand how their bodies work, how to respect their own bodies – and each others – and how to understand sexuality as something more than just a means of procreation, but as a part of their identity as they grow, then surely that is better than half teaching the basics and hoping for the best.

          Sex, and sexuality, is natural and normal. What use is there in making it into something other?

          1. dondon

            M point is to cover all sexuality is a bit much for a small child
            Post referendum its a whole new world and will children be able to process all now normal sexuality as compared to the old days when it was just monogamous heterosexual in a married relationship
            Yes I am that old

          2. mildred st meadowlark

            Why shouldn’t they? If it’s explained to them properly, why shouldn’t they have the tools to understand sexuality in all it’s variations? We underestimate children and their ability to understand.

            It would be deeply unfair to children to inadequately prepare them for a wider world which does recognise more than the ‘traditional’ sexualities.

          3. Janet, I ate my Avatar

            they won’t be educating 5 year olds,
            teenagers study up to 10 subjects for the junior cert,
            I am sure they can handle a few sex options,
            plus they ready have the internet so getting it explained is handy and a way to trouble shoot

          4. mildred st meadowlark

            My four year old understands what gay and lesbian means for example. We taught her because she asked about a gay family member, which led to an explanation of what it means to be gay, and then a similar conversation about being a lesbian. And she’s absolutely fine with that, perfectly accepting and understanding of it.

            As she grows, we can add to those explanations, but all in good time. Baby steps, so to speak.

  3. Ben Redmond

    I wouldn’t like to be sexually educated by the glum-faced puritans in the above picture.

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