St Conleth’s Park in Newbridge

RTE reports:

Kildare-Mayo set for Newbridge at 7pm on Saturday, RTÉ understands.

Kildare and the GAA have been locked in a stand-off since Monday afternoon when the Central Competitions Control Committee (CCCC) scheduled their round-three qualifier tie with Mayo as part of a double-header with Cavan and Tyrone at Headquarters [Croke Park].

Kildare insisted that the home advantage the draw provided them had been taken away without their consent and Lilywhites [Kildare] boss Cian O’Neill told RTÉ Sport Monday night that his players would not be anywhere but Newbridge on Saturday night.

For their part, the GAA had maintained that St Conleth’s Park [in Newbridge] would not be the venue as it holds only 8,500 and they are anticipating a crowd of 18,000 to 20,000.



Kildare-Mayo set for Newbridge at 7pm on Saturday (RTE)

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16 thoughts on “GaaGaa

  1. bisted

    …well done Kildare exposing the behaviour of the GAA at Croke Park and their pursuit of profit at any cost…time the grass roots took back control of a wonderful organisation…

    1. scottser

      yeah, but the tickets for the croke park game have been on sale for the last 3 days. short sighted and selfish of kildare to the 10-odd thousand fans who won’t get to see the game after making arrangements is the other side of the argument.

      1. Brother Barnabas

        most of them were fupping papists buying up tickets they never intended using

        so fupp them

      2. bisted

        …I suppose there are a few people who wont get to see the game…but like the 400k Garth Brook fans…they know who to blame…

  2. Topsy

    Good on Kildare. Many other times GAA HQ has bullied so called weaker counties into changing venues.

  3. Birdie

    @scottser – that’s not Kildare’s fault… it’s the GAA’s fault for breaking their own rules to bend to SKY’s needs.

    1. scottser

      kildare aren’t blameless birdie. if the tickets hadn’t gone on sale then maybe kildare board may have had a point. now anyone with a ticket is going to be justifiably annoyed at having to change plans at relatively short notice.

  4. Frilly Keane

    Hon’ de’ Lillies

    ’bout time the County Boards stood up to the Croaker Events Mgt team

  5. Holden MaGroin

    Between this and Paul Kimmage’s articles it’s not been a great PR wise for the last month or so.

  6. A Person

    I actually feel for the GAA on this one. It is my understanding that Corker needs ca. 40,000 to break even. I reckon they were just trying to accommodate as much fans as possible As it stands, there is likely to be more Mayo fans in Newbridge than the Lilles, so both teams lose out.

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