26 thoughts on ““I Don’t Care if Someone Is Straight Or Not”

  1. Jonjo

    The media have a role in ‘normalising’ homosexuality.

    “The gay singer”, “The gay actor”, “The gay presenter”.

    Straight people aren’t described in the same way.

    1. ReproBertie

      That’s right, but then straight people don’t need to be reminded that, despite the knuckle draggers, it’s perfectly OK to be straight.

      1. Jonjo

        The papers aren’t doing it to say it’s ok. They still report it as if it’s something wrong. If the story has nothing to with being gay, then why mention it?

  2. Jeffrey

    As far as im concerned the only difference between gay and straight is the way in which sex is practiced. Anything else is seen on both sides. Conclusion? Please stop for 2 minutes to even mention someone is gay OR straight, I dont care! Liek someone just said, the media is littered with “gay this” “gay that” – why? Why do people feel others want to know how they practice sex?

  3. SOQ

    Here we again, screaming it from the rooftops. Not even shouting it mind but SCREAMING it.

  4. Polo

    If straights were referred to as breeders, the singing breeder, the acting breeder, I’d hate to be a breeder, what would you do if your son was a breeder. …

  5. Sentient Won

    According to a 2006 ERSI study self-identifying Gays in Ireland: 2.7% Men. 1.2% women.

    So, you know,

    1. Cian

      According to a 2018 ERS1[1] study other-identifying Gays in Ireland: Flight attendants (34%), Hairdressers (27%), Nurse practitioners (22%), Travel agents (17%)

      [1] okay, I made this up

    2. scottser

      Did you get your tickets? You never know, you might end up beside david-what a hoot!

  6. GingerMcNinja

    This… isn’t great. It seems to be implying that all straight people are bigots.

  7. yerhavinalarf

    Probably Gay ✓
    Agenda ✓
    Well-Intentioned ✓
    Agenda ✓
    Funny X

  8. SOQ

    Not very funny but a few well observed points. I don’t mind the gays but… only on my terms, is very common.

    It all reminds me of when Rory O’Neill called out a bunch of homophobes on national television and they threatened to sue him, so in probably the gayest response ever, he took to the Abbey stage (as you do).

    He said. and I am paraphrasing, that srt8 people lined up to tell him it was not homophobia, srt8 people who had never experienced homophobia in their lives. And that is it in a nut shell. Even Archbishop Diarmuid Martin weighed in and said that it was up to gay people to say it as it is.

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