Hagstravaganza 2: Bigger, Better, Craftier


The White Hag’s ‘Hagstravaganza’ last year

The White Hags’ Paul Mullin said:

We’re at it again – we’ve unveiled our 2nd International Brewery Festival, Hagstravaganza

We’re holding it on July 28th at our brewery in Ballymote, County Sligo, and the festival is the only International Brewery Festival in Ireland.

Arriving from 4 continents there will be 14 international breweries bringing 3 or more beers each.

Already announced are Magic Rock Brewing (UK), Muskoka (Canada) Malmo Brewing Company (Sweden) and Tipperary based brewers, Canvas Brewery, with 18 more to come!

And as well as getting great beer, you could get a job – the event is sponsored by LiveTiles , an AI software firm who recently opened an office in Sligo town. The firm are highlighting positons open in their growing Sligo workforce…

And as ever, we’d be keen to get someone from the ‘Sheet to come along imbibe, and report back on proceedings, by way of a free pair of tickets.

To win a Pair, just tell us: If you had a beer, what would you call it?

Lines MUST close at 2.15pm extended until closing time tonight (00:30 at very latest)


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57 thoughts on “Hagstravaganza 2: Bigger, Better, Craftier

      1. Kolmo

        I also get a headache from the Dastardly Diageo Sauce of Coporate Immorality..so everyone is a winner!

    1. missred

      Millie, I don’t think anyone can top that. It’s like the cover of a smutty Mills & Boon – Millie & Boon to be precise.

      Also has Bertie humping the bottle like a pup in the heat, so desired effect is achieved.

          1. Papi

            That’s now your bottle humping theme song, and I for one am psychologically damaged. Cheers!

        1. missred

          Never mind a book cover, I think the bottle label has now been designed. Oooh err missus!

  1. SOQ

    For weekend that’s in it.


    Imagine the marketing fun you could have with that one.

      1. shortforBob

        Makes me think a good animal themed pun might be:
        Two Swallows
        but maybe that’s asking for it.

          1. Brother Barnabas

            bertie, i’m only saying this because youre a pal and i don’t want to see you get hurt – but i’m afraid millie’s only looking for cheap, nasty sex out of you

    1. SOQ

      Ok we move fast so QUEERBEER is now available in a new limited fancy ‘quicker liqueur’ edition. It’s the same poo, just twice the price err… to make you feel special obvs.

  2. BobbyJ

    The White Hags “Body Bag”

    Should probably pack quite the punch if you’re going to carry off a name like that. Needs to be as strong as your Bran & Sceolan IPA

  3. H

    Ale Mary… too Catholic?

    How about Hop’n Mad or Hop Hop Hooray :-)

    Sorry, the heat is stifling my creative flow…

  4. scottser

    I would make two dutch gold, 6 cans for a fiver type lagers. The first would be 5 percenter called ‘ouvit’, the second a 6 percenter called “madouvit’. The label would feature a pair of pissed-in, hot-rocked umbro trackie bottoms.

  5. shortforBob

    For the weather that’s in it:

    Irish red obviously, or possibly summer session.

  6. dondon

    Nine white deer black lightening
    Try drinking it at cellar temperature and the full flavours come out
    Its pretty strong dark ale
    Irish craft brewers have come on in leaps and bounds making some of the best ales in the world

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