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The winning ‘Ale Mary’ as it might look on shelves

The votes are in.

Last week –  with a pair of tickets to the second White Hag Hagstravaganza international brewing festival in Sligo on offer – we asked you to name your own beer.

You entered in your chugging dozens.

But there could be only one left standing.

Broadsheet commenter H’s named tipple ‘Ale Mary‘ (above) poured suds over rivals such as ‘Sweet Mildred’s Sinful Revenge‘ (nominated by Mildred St Meadowlark), ‘Witches Armpit’ (Edalicious) and ‘Beardy McDitchscoop’s Amazing Overly-Hopped Pontificating Headache Elixer‘ (Kolmo) to secure first place.

H’ and a pal will join thousands of crafty booze hounds descending on The White Hag brewerey, Ballymote, County Sligo on  July 28

Thanks all.



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The White Hag’s ‘Hagstravaganza’ last year

The White Hags’ Paul Mullin said:

We’re at it again – we’ve unveiled our 2nd International Brewery Festival, Hagstravaganza

We’re holding it on July 28th at our brewery in Ballymote, County Sligo, and the festival is the only International Brewery Festival in Ireland.

Arriving from 4 continents there will be 14 international breweries bringing 3 or more beers each.

Already announced are Magic Rock Brewing (UK), Muskoka (Canada) Malmo Brewing Company (Sweden) and Tipperary based brewers, Canvas Brewery, with 18 more to come!

And as well as getting great beer, you could get a job – the event is sponsored by LiveTiles , an AI software firm who recently opened an office in Sligo town. The firm are highlighting positons open in their growing Sligo workforce…

And as ever, we’d be keen to get someone from the ‘Sheet to come along imbibe, and report back on proceedings, by way of a free pair of tickets.

To win a Pair, just tell us: If you had a beer, what would you call it?

Lines MUST close at 2.15pm extended until closing time tonight (00:30 at very latest)



The White Hag brewery in Ballymote, County Sligo celebrated its third birthday last weekend with a Hagstravaganza festival of craft beer from home and abroad.

And a memorable train ride.

Paul Mullins of The White Hag writes

What a difference a week makes! Since we last featured here, we’ve held Irelands first International Brewery Festival, and legislation allowing for taprooms to operate here in Ireland has made it through cabinet and is likely to be enacted this year.

Our Hagstravaganza  was attended by 1000 thirsty beer fans from all over Ireland, and further afield.

We had fans who travelled from the UK, France and even three from the US for the festival. Irish Rail hired us a train to transport the rabble back into Sligo, and it was brilliant, chaotic, loud mayhem.

Now consider for a minute what can now happen if breweries the length and breadth of the country are allowed and encouraged to host events like this on a regular basis, and we can encourage the queues of American’s and European’s queuing up at James Gate to get down the country to experience the new wave.

Maybe a little bit of tourism democracy?

There’s something in there that certain lobby groups in Ireland are afraid of, but we’re not sure what it is.

We’d like to think the timing was coincidental, but we feel the revolution is coming, and this is a little step closer to liberating our publicans and those who value choice in deciding who they buy their beers and spirits from.

We are eternally grateful to those who gave us a platform to get our message out, and Broadsheet has literally been there since day one for us.


The White Hag Brewery (Facebook)

White Hag brewmaster Joe Kearns

The White Hag is celebrating its third birthday by holding an International Brewery Festival next week, on July 29 in their brewery in Ballymote, County Sligo.

Hag BrewMaster Joe Kearns has been an outspoken advocate of beer tourism and a sustainable taproom culture.

Joe writes:

Beer tourism is basically non-existent in Ireland. Sure, there are people trying to tour, and breweries trying to give tours, but the entire package is missing due to licensing laws.

Beer tourism could have a dramatic effect on the more rural parts of Ireland in several ways. For example, public transportation and infrastructure is severely lacking in these areas, so finding work as a young person who can’t afford to drive is nearly impossible.

Guided tours, taprooms, and visitor centers will enable breweries to hire more local, unskilled labour.

Also, there’s a knock-on effect of bringing new money into the local economy. With an influx of new people comes the need for more accommodation, food services, souvenir shops, etc.

Taprooms in the U.S. have literally transformed old, abandoned industrial and warehouse districts into thriving, modern cultural centers. They’ve created a new economy in areas where the economy had all but packed up and left.

But its not just about advocating for beer tourism. At the core of us hosting a beer festival is the theme we’ve built it around, bringing beer never poured here before to Ireland. And its not just about new beer. It’s important for breweries, like us, who have a high focus on export to bring other brewers ‘home’.

It enables a small, relatively unknown brewery, to enter a market attached to an established brewery, at a significantly lower, or zero cost. Working across borders also breeds and feeds innovation, the life blood of our fledgling industry.

Innovation in the brewing industry is happening everywhere, and Irish brewers are quickly catching up to the bigger markets.

The country is miles ahead of where it was compared to 2013 when I first arrived. There’s always room for more innovation, and we strive to lead by example.

We’re also very keen to bring that example and innovation to the masses, not just a small craft beer community. The festival is less about what it’s going to do for The White Hag, and more about what it’s going to do for beer fans and Sligo itself.

We’re bringing in beers and ciders and meads, along with the good people who make them, from Ireland, Europe, and North America, and they’re all products that have never been available in Ireland before.

I guess for us it’s about celebrating our birthday by celebrating the growth and diversity of this industry. This is the best industry in the world. It’s full of great people and great beers, and a lot of them will be here!

The White Hag Extravaganza

Notice: Cathal Redmond won last month’s Hagstravaganza’s competition.


The dream is real.

Tonight in Ranelagh.

Christmas Ale and free burgers!

Paul Mullin at Sligo craft brewer, The White Hag (no stranger to ‘sheet heads), writes:

We’ve made a Christmas Ale, and its lovely! As well as the best malt, yeast, hops and Ballymote water, we’ve added Cinnamon, Honey and Ginger – MMMmmmmmm…

And it being the 8th December, we’re coming up to the big shmoke to launch it, in The Hill Pub, Ranelagh, Dublin 6 from 8pm – anyone there before 8pm gets a free Burger!!

We’ll also have 5 other beers for sampling and smelling and talking about at length, so please do join us!

The First Person to find Joe our Brewer will get a free Xmas ale too – just ask him nicely!


The White Hag Brewery


As you may know The White Hag Brewery in Ballymote, Sligo are inviting beer fans from around Ireland to celebrate their second birthday on July 23.

On Friday, with two (yes, TWO) pairs of tickets to give away we asked: how much would you like to go?

You answered in your tens.

But there could only two winners

Catherine Mc Entee: I alone deserve the damn White Hag tickets because it’s my birthday tomorrow [last Saturday’] and I’d love to have getting flutered in this marvellous Sligo brewery trip in the pipeline to look forward to.’

Cian  ‘I alone deserve the damn White Hag tickets because because it was meant to be a hag (hen/stag combined) weekend for my best mate that weekend, but got cancelled and we’re all still booked off work.’

Catherine and Cian each win a pair of tickets to the bash.

Thanks all.

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The White Hag Brewery, Sligo open day, December 2015

Sligo’s Controversial craft brewer The White Hag is TWO.


Paul Mullin, of the ‘Hag,  writes:

The White Hag Brewery in Ballymote, Sligo are inviting beer fans from around Ireland to celebrate their second birthday on  July 23..

Following a hugely successful open day at Christmas where over 160 people availed of the opportunity to see inside of Sligo’s first brewery in over 100 years, we are throwing the doors open once again. But this time they are bringing their brewing buddies….

We’re hosting Kinnegar from Donegal, Beavertown and Redchurch Brewery from London, Black Donkey from Roscommon, Otter Bank and Yellow Belly from Wexford.

Tickets cost only €20 and include all of the above + more, and for those who don’t have a designated driver, Irish Rail are doing a special €30 return fare from Dublin, or €9 from Sligo. With Bands, DJs, Brewer Panel discussions, shouting and roaring, etc – sure you couldn’t miss it!

The party is running from 3pm – 9.30pm, with the late after party in The Swagman from 10pm.

We’re giving away a pair of tickets to a BS reader who can successfully complete this sentence:

‘I alone deserve the damn White Hag tickets because_____________________’ .

Lines MUST close at MIDNIGHT

The White Hag’s Second Birthday

The White Hag Brewery


Red, a drop of golden sun.

Fancy a crate?

Paul Mullin of The White Hag writes:

So we’re back at the RDS Irish Beer and Whiskey Festival [Ballsbridge, Dublin 4] this weekend from tonight, and we’ll be unveiling our new RED IPA called RED DOE.

And we thought a few of the ‘sheet readers might wander down and say hello, so we’ve a pair of passes and a crate of RED DOE to give away.

As per usual , the best excuse {for needing the passes and beer] wins, the more dramatic the better – sure we love the drama…

Lines MUST close at 5.15pm

White Hag

Update: The winner is Murtles (see comments)


With two passes for a FREE tour of the White Hag brewery in Sligo on December 28 we asked: What was your favourite craft tipple of the year?

The votes are in.

Runner Up:

JDC ‘The best craft tipple I sank this year was a Bran & Sceolan Irish IPA at the White Hag Brewery. Well, it hasn’t happened yet, but it could.’

(JDC wins a bottle of The White Hag Black Boar Whiskey Barrel aged stout (pictured)


Fluffybiscuits: ‘The best craft tipple I had was Samuel Smiths Organic Apricot Ale in Widow Cullens Well in Lincoln,England. Basically I decided to travel to Lincoln for a night by myself, do the ghost tour then get well on in the pub, I ended up having a deep conversation about the troubles , Grimsby FC, St Pats and the merits of the Eurovision with a guy called John from Grimsby before some guy from Drogheda heard my accent and cringeworthily started talking Irish to me thinking it was cool…Great night though…’

(Fluffybiscuits wins two passes To The White Hag brewery’s open day)

Thanks all.

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Sean Monaghan, writes:

I’ve decided to write [link below] a round up of my seven favourite beers for newcomers to craft beer, to try this Christmas and into 2016.  I’m not a beer expert or certified cicerone (beer sommelier) nor am I pretending to be, that’s not the intention of this round up. It’s my personal opinion from an Irish male consumer of a certain vintage and this is what I like to drink and why. I have naturally thoroughly enjoyed researching this article. I also discovered I obviously like tasty, citrus flavored beers and fruity Belgian-style beers. I wonder is this a country wide trend??


My 7 Irish beers To Try This Christmas (Taste of Ireland)



The White Hag Brewery of Sligo.

Want YOU.

Paul Mullin at The White Hag, writes:

We’re One!

After 12 tumultuous months, we’re back at the RDS [Ballsbridge, Dublin 4] for the Craft Beer festival, and this year we’re bringing 12 (TWELVE!) different varieties of beers.

Following a successful fleadh #2, and an even more successful crowdfunding exercise on Linked finance, were upping our production to meet demand here at home and abroad.

Anyway, Broadsheet has been good to us, so by way of reward, we’d like to invite a few of ye along to the RDS this Thursday, Friday or Saturday, give ye some nice Tshirts (as above), and a crate of beer to bring home with ye.

Just tell us why you need this prize, please?

Lines MUST close at 5.15pm 6.15pm

The White Hag Brewery