46 thoughts on “Pride In Appearance

    1. shortforBob

      Flamboyant? Maybe I’m getting old or maybe it’s just these pictures are very restrained.

      1. Johnny Keenan

        2 grown men walking down the street holding hands while riding inflatable white unicorn is fairly flamboyant in fairness horse

        1. Johnny Keenan

          Sorry it’s a woman and a man. And they’re not holding hands. My fantasy is ruined.
          They better be gay or something

          1. shortforBob

            Please do.

            Would you like a strawberry or a rasberry to decorate yours?

            They’ve updated the photos too, more flamboyant now.

    1. Dhaughton99

      I’m a straight white male with a kink for the female foot. Where’s my bloody parade?

        1. Ting-Tong

          Hold on I’ll make a video of me washing and drying them in slow motion finishing off with a light powdering

        2. Frilly Keane

          That was for ’99 btw

          So go on there ’99, d’ mind that King-Kong ape

          Looking forward to this

    1. Holden MaGroin

      I watched the second half on Capel Street and was in the parade. It was very good.

  1. Dermie

    Gays are fantastic! Queens shouting their mouth off on top deck of bus, different story altogether…

  2. Janet, I ate my Avatar

    it was a deadly parade
    good tunes, good vibes, no messing, lots of smiley faces on a sunny day:)

  3. Birdie

    Ah I’m going to be that party pooper but to me and my partner, it felt like a whos who of corporations. Something was lost in it all (for us).

    It was great to see local communities getting involved and having street parties and I loved the creativeness of some folks dress (not in the parade), but I wanted more politics and local community versus every silicon valley company and local insurance company saying how diverse and deadly they are.

    1. shortforBob

      The comparisons to cancer fundraising make me sad. Awareness fundraisers distracting from action fundraisers, and well intentioned donors not realising they are being taken advantage of.

    2. Lilly

      Good point about Adidas also sponsoring World Cup in Russia, and H&M having a manufacturing plant in China.

  4. Not On Your Nelly

    It’s corporate piggy backing that makes me itch. Eir logos and tweets… vomit.

    1. Lilly

      I agree. I saw a woman cycling up South Circular Rd with Mason Hayes & Curran on her back. Obviously couldn’t throw off the yoke even for a day.

  5. Ting-Tong

    There’s my papa in picture 12 I wondered where he disappeared to yesterday the sly old dog

  6. Ting-Tong

    Picture 10 wins two naturally beautiful girls looking so happy and that killer dress

  7. Ting-Tong

    If a young lad is a twinkie and a chubby hairy lad is a bear what category does my papa in picture 12 fall into with his cheeky harness

      1. Ting-Tong

        Thanks that’s a new one to look up in the focal I had thought it might be an uncle Albert as in Prince Albert an aged and precious ring not in the only fools and horses sense. Everydays a school day

  8. SOQ

    Oh dear, this old queen’s body has now gone on strike and has called in the union.

    All the big clubs were ticket only or packed to the roof but as demand outstripped supply, some serious ah hoc pop up’s occurred in other venues.

    If you question the need for Pride then consider this: It is the one day in the year when you can safely assume everyone is either LGBT or an advocate. That may not seem like not a big deal to you but to us, it really is.

    1. shortforBob

      Please go on. I think it would be helpful if you could expand your point of view to further explain the reality of alienation that others don’t often recognise.

      Some only learn what it is to be foreign through travel, to be treated as foreign or unwelcome in your own land is doubly alienating.

      To be crowded out of your own community through gentrification is sadly all too realatable.

      1. SOQ

        Well I am only one person and there may be others who disagree, but this is what I get out of Pride.

        Even outside the George and Panti bar, there is occasional abuse which while becoming less so over time, is still a factor and that is only within what we call the pink triangle. The further out across the country you go, the more likely it is to happen.The responses may range from names called to out and out serious injury… or death. What exactly did those two fellas in Portlaoise do that was so wrong? Nothing, absolutely nothing.

        So you modify the way you dress, and act, but it goes further. Over time you become a different person, it is a self defence mechanism, survival if you will. But doing that in order not to upset others is wearing, and tiring. No kissing, no holding hands, no whatever will provoke a knuckled reaction in social circumstances, or perhaps during the day a job loss.

        And then for one day in the year, everything changes. The city centre becomes a safe space to be yourself, a homophobia free zone and we let loose. Every type of LGBT wildlife comes out to play and the more OTT the better. And we go home tired with sore muscles from dancing and battered livers from drinking but in the back of your emotional brain, way back, a little battery has been charged.

  9. Starina

    The parade organisation was a disaster this year. The gaps between floats were huge — so much so that after an hour and a half you couldn’t see anything coming all the way down Church St and across the quays. We assumed that was it for the parade and went for a pint in the Cobblestones — came out two pints later and there were still floats coming in!!

    (also, Simon Harris was drinking corona in the Cobblestones with a rainbow flower lei)

    I was very pleased to note an uptick in actual protest signs in the parade, though. Stonewall was a riot.

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