Pride Me Sideways


A brick duct (top) taped with the Irish words for ‘Fairies Out Of Ireland’ thrown through the window of Panti Bar (above), Capel Street, Dublin 1 run by Miss Panti

Fluffy Biscuits writes:

Pride takes place in Dublin this weekend where the LGBT and their allies will descend in Dublin en masse to shake nipple tassels and dance to great cheesy house music but there is a bigger point here.

There is a massive gulf in my opinion of ten years ago and to now. Ten years ago I was never fully comfortable in myself

I was 25 and Pride made me feel insecure. Upon reflection it was an affront to my masculinity, to my sense of self identity. What worried me most was that it was going to reinforce stereotypes that are so prevalent but it was not these people who were reinforcing the stereotypes it was society themselves and this shone a light on my own prejudices.

Pride does conjure up an image of pissed twinks in hot pants downing naggins of Huzzar (indeed I see that myself ) yet these people know they are safe in the knowledge that society is not going to harm them for enjoying life in a way that is not afforded to our LGBT brethern in Russia, China or parts of Africa or the Middle East where consensual sex with a same sex partner carries a death penalty.

Gay pride had its origins in the oppression of LGBT people by establishment forces which culminated in Stonewall on June 28 in 1969 in Greenwich village in New York. Police harassed drag queens and gay men and lined them up against a wall.

Standing up for people of the future, they fought back. Over the next week riots erupted and fights with police. Adopting tactics of other groups at the time like the Black Panthers, the LGBT community laid a keystone for future fights.

Back to 2018. Five minutes before I sit down to write this I see the news that someone put the window in on Panti Bar with the words “Fairies out of Ireland” written in Irish.

My mind harks back to the article during the week of the gay couple beaten up in Portlaoise for being gay. Lest we forget Declan Flynn, murdered for being gay in September 1982 for being gay.

Nine years ago I was kissing a guy outside The George as I was on a date. Walking past a group of lads began to film me and labelled us as “freaks”.

I didn’t take too kindly to the comments and the poor lad suffered the indignity of having a six foot two guy with a shaved head and beer belly round on him to the point that he fell to the ground.

Pride is not without its issues. Nothing is perfect ever in this short existence we live. Pride personally for me is not something I am into as I am quite happy about how I am and I reach out on a personal level to people not out. (The crowds tend to wreck my head as well, but that’s the same for Paddys Day too, I cant be arsed!).

The second issue is the commercialisation of the Pride parade. There are employers on that list of sponsors who I know treat their employees like shit, would they be as quick to engage with a union as they would with employees about gay pride?

However you enjoy Pride. Have a safe one. Big old me will be at the bear night tomorrow seeking out other big chubby hairy men to cuddle up to!

Top pic via Panti Bliss

Panti Bar pic by Ultan Mashup

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Pride (in The Name Of  Chat)

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64 thoughts on “Pride Me Sideways

  1. Huey Luas on the News

    You know nothing about the Black Panther Party and their tactics. But whatever.

    Full kudos for calling out commercialisation:

    “The second issue is the commercialisation of the Pride parade. There are employers on that list of sponsors who I know treat their employees like shit, would they be as quick to engage with a union as they would with employees about gay pride?”

    I think we know the answer.

    1. Fluffybiscuits

      The Black Panthers considered Martin Luther King as being too passive. Stonewall borrowed from their modus operandi. It was in the vein of the Black Panthers

      1. Huey Luas on the News

        Stonewall didn’t. In fact many of the BPs hated gays and women. Stonewall didn’t kill people.

  2. Johnny

    The stonewall was a mob bar (Mafia owned) and was a late nite booze can-clientele consisted of the “downtown” late ‘60 ‘s village crowd.Pimps,drug dealers,draft dodgers,drag queens,hookers and hustlers,the raid by the NYPD spun out off control,because the other patrons also had a go at the cops.

    (I have a place just around the corner,I recently heard Cynthia Nixon declare her run for govnr there)

    1. Fluffybiscuits

      It was the only place they could hang out. You have to remember there was specific ordinances in place at the time that targetted gay men and trans.

      1. Johnny

        I’m well aware the history Fluffy,merely pointing out that there’s a little more to it…

  3. Lush

    Thanks for the food for thought Fluffy and nice to hear from you again.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  4. Lilly

    I bet the savage who threw that brick voted No in the abortion referendum.

    Don’t know much about the companies sponsoring Pride, but I hate AXA. And I doubly hate their annoying ads. ‘Get in AXA…’ How about eff off AXA.

  5. SOQ

    Well if they are going to chase out the fairies,what better time than we are all together eh? All twenty thousand of us. Let them try.

    @ Fluffy. and dance to great cheesy house music – Each to their own deary but my tassels only swing to deep vocal.

    Pimps,drug dealers,draft dodgers,drag queens,hookers and hustlers -That reminds me, is the Chancery still open post Pride on a Sunday morning now? Asking for a friend obvs. *ahem*

    OK so what have we got tonight?

    The usual, George/66/Panti etc

    Mother Block
    Dub Bear
    Anything else?

    Be nice to An Garda Síochána and do what you are asked.Trying to protect a city centre full of madoutofit queens is not an easy job and certainly requires a different skill set than their usual work. Also, if you are srt8 in town or just at a loose end, feel free to join in. The more the merrier, everyone welcome.

    Happy Pride .o/*

    1. DeKloot


      Have a great Pride all and remember, SPF up, stay cool and hydrate the heck outta yerselves…

        1. CoderNerd

          Some Old Queen.
          Of course!
          I’ve been wondering for weeks what it stood for.
          Enjoy the festival.

          1. buzz

            Hiya chicken,
            Some old queen here. :)

            Yep Bukkake is the largest and longest running club night on the scene in Dublin.
            Its tremendous fun, you should come.

  6. Not On Your Nelly

    Irish in schools, Irish in the government, Irish used as a weapon. It’s time to call a stop to this madness. Irish must be stopped. Not another fada, not in my name!!

  7. Andy Moore

    Na Piseógí or An Piseóga ná an piteoga , I blame Pegida in alliance with US christian groups >>

    1. Brother Barnabas

      everyone’s blaming a bunch of narrow-minded thicks, so, yeah, pretty much in with brexit

  8. Ting-Tong

    Can we have an update on Gazebo-Gate I hear it was a right bare knuckled pearlclutcher of a to-do

    1. Ting-Tong

      So u delete my post saying I’m going to join the trend and make my own bs sextape tonight but without the traffic cone and u leave up the sextapes that are up since yesterday. Biased much? It’s an outrage I tell u a crying outrage what about my constitutional rights what about my sexual rights and so on. Joe will be hearing about this no mistaking

    1. Mickey Twopints

      No, jamieh, they will not.

      Because, you see, Gaza these days is run by Haz B’Allah who murder gay people.

      They are in a position to do this because the Israeli nation corrals millions of displaced Palestinians into the ghetto where Haz B’Allah have autonomy.

      Gay people in Israel may sleep well tonight, secure in the knowledge that the untermenchen are taking care of their own.

      1. bennny

        How can senator Norris and those backing him then call for a boycott of Israel?
        I just cannot understand the BDS that supports a regime that openly persecutes and murders people of the LGBT community
        Is it a fact that by supporting a regime like that shows that maybe the crux is that members of the BDS campaign just hate Jews and dress up their Jew hating as freedom for the oppressed

        1. Mickey Twopints

          Get back to us on that once you’ve shown that you’re capable of distinguishing between the support for a peaceful and democratic boycott, and exhibitions of hatred and intolerance.

          1. bennny

            Boycotts peaceful demonstrations fine but west bank and Gaza
            Apparently under
            My question was how can those who are gay and oppressed support regimes that openly attack all that you stand for
            What about the LGBT community living under these nasty xenophobic gay haters
            That run both the west bank east Jerusalem and those who run Gaza
            Are the BDS going to boycott these areas because of the manner these people are treated

  9. Dinny Do Well?

    Election Slogan:

    “You couldn’t throw a stone in Panti Bar now without hitting two dozen members of Fine Gael. And a prime minister”.

    God dontcha hate these homophobes and language idiots who can’t even speak their own language. They’ll blame it on Sinn Féin of course…

  10. Frilly Keane

    While I think of it
    Was anyone hurt btw?
    Splintering glass and those miniture shards can be a right dose

    1. Stage Diver at the Pope's Mass

      The Journal Commentators were hurt and deeply upset that nobody was injured.

      Other than that, no direct or collateral injuries reported.

  11. A

    Self inflicted act of destruction to keep the “we’re still being persecuted” propaganda in the public’s mind. Hmmm…

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