A Broadsheet Hot-Pop



Grafton Street, Dublin 2

The ‘sheet‘s Vanessa Foran (her off the telly!) and Neil Curran (him off the telly what also produces!) conduct an afternoon vox-pop on the heatwave with flower seller Craig (top right with Vanessa and Neil), among others, sharing their thoughts.

Contains: ‘heat-induced’ iffy camera work, rambling from behind the mic and, frankly, startling post-production techno music ‘stings’.

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10 thoughts on “A Broadsheet Hot-Pop

    1. john f

      Yeah: he is a legend! Soon to be in the burns unit of Beaumont hospital.
      The postproduction addition of the techno music was very dodgy……. I almost had a seizure!

  1. Ina.

    Grafton Street needs to be hosed down thoroughly, and then some sort of film put on it. It’s gross.

          1. Ina.

            Your Greatness, The Person Previously Known as Kimmie, etc. As long as he respects my magnificence.

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