Bursting With Pride



Further scenes and people from the sun-soaked Gay Pride Parade through Dublin south city centre by James Chimney (more at link below).

Gay pride 2018 (James Chimney)


There’s always one.

Earlier: Changing of The Guard

Saturday: Pride In Appearance



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46 thoughts on “Bursting With Pride

  1. Starina

    That guy with the sign was outside the church on Church St — totally on his lonesome. LOL. I don’t think anyone even bothered to argue with him, from what I saw — he was just too pathetic. There were also four older types praying the gay away, kneeling in front of the cross.

    1. Sheila

      He was moved on by the guards on Kevin Street.

      But enough about him – there was a great atmosphere in town on Saturday for pride. Hurrah!

    2. bennny

      Yes and the guy in the S&M gear walking around like that on the day with in your face attitude most probably in front of children only down grades LGBT to a sleazy place
      I actually found it quite offensive and only pushes the anti gay agenda of those that carry placards like yet man
      To be respected one must act with respect and not use the day to get your jollies
      That is confined to the bed room

  2. Not On Your Nelly

    We are getting closer to a normal society. Keep going!!! What a positive expression of life.

  3. kellma

    It is all good. Pride is a great festival. A great way to celebrate and be proud of who you are, whatever that means to you.

    1. Frilly Keane

      I know I probably shouldn’t have

      But yeah

      An’ out thru the nostrils n’all

    1. Starina

      See SOQ’s comment below. See also: the various people who have been assaulted leaving the George in the last year alone.

      we’re here, we’re queer, get over it.

          1. Parp

            Is that a typo, or did you mean new, and not knew?

            No, I did not know that this person is gay, how or why would I? (see my original question)

            No, I am not new (assuming you mean reading/posting on here). Pretty much here since it began. But not sure why it is relevant.

    2. realPolithicks

      I feel a bit sorry for Topsy, it can’t be easy being miserable all the time.

  4. Shane Duffy

    I didn’t think it was even possible, but most of those photos have made me even more straight. Straight a warp speed.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      You’d want to be careful. If you look too closely at them for too long, you’ll catch gay.

      1. Brother Barnabas

        seems it, doesn’t it?

        i’d guess what he wants to say is that looking at those pictures has given him a simmering semi and an intense curiosity to try out a bit of gayness

        would you take him under your wing, soq?

        1. SOQ

          Def not BB, I don’t do ‘srt8 curious’. You see them on the sites and apps, for years and years. I mean what does it take to be no longer curious and just be plain bisexual?

  5. Scundered

    Route should have been more central though. I was in town and couldn’t find it until looking up a map and having a rather long walk.

  6. SOQ

    We met a straight Turkish couple in the evening and she had just came from the airport to be there. They were hoping for the best next day in Istanbul but unfortunately, that is not how it turned out. They actually used rubber bullets, tear gas and water cannons against the marchers ffs. I am not trying to be at all negative by posting this, just pointing out the contrast between the two events and how hard won freedoms can be.


    1. SOQ

      No madam, it is just Pride now because the amount of srt8s was at an all time high. And they should be proud too, proud to support the rest of us. Earlier in the day at Smithfield we met two married srt8 women from Longford. They parked the husbands in the house with the kids and came up to have a bit of craic…. and why not?

      Hope you had a good day?

  7. Ting-Tong

    Thanks Clampers, just looked it up on the Urban Dictionary…there’s alot more to it than you or I may have imagined.

    A gold star for your spelling :)

  8. SOQ


    You cancelled nearly all buses from the Tallaght area into town on Pride day except you couldn’t be arsed even updating your info screens / app. The service is dreadful in the first place but if you want to transport ‘precious’ LGBT to and from an event then at the very least; inform them when scheduled services are not available

    Then run cuddly ads.

  9. SOQ

    Is it just me or does that fella in the first picture look very like Chris Wylie, the Cambridge Analytica whistle blower?

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