A Limerick A Day


Taoiseach Leo Varadkar talks to reporters at the New York Stock Exchange yesterday

It’s an odd move for Leo to choose
To sympathise with Donald’s views
But over some food
In New York, he was rude
About people who work in the news

John Moynes

Pic: Kim Haughton/Rollingnews

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10 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

      1. Elron

        Je refer to the Charlie Hebdo massacre and the self righteous twaddle from les journalistes that followed it.. Pardonnez mon Francais….

  1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

    I heard Eoin Murphy explaining it this morning.
    The Teesh was taken, loike, entoirely out of context. Us guys are todally available to you (journalists) to explain, like, all our policies in total depth every week on every programme.

    So now so. Move on.

  2. Andrew

    Matt Cooper,Tom Lyons and several others having a meltdown about this ‘unprecedented attack’ on Twitter. proves Varadkar’s point.
    Even referencing the recent shooting in the U.S.
    Pathetic stuff but about their level.

    1. Clampers Outside!

      I saw a reference to the shooting by a prominent journalist who said there were “five journalist colleagues” murdered at the Gazette.

      I wanted to reply with a fact check, but couldn’t be arsed with the likely tirade that twitter follows up with.

      There were four journalists and a sales assistant murdered.

      Fact check from https://cpj.org/

      (Having worked in newspaper advertising sales myself it irked me as I know for a fact journalists despise the ad sales room)

  3. scottser

    leo wasn’t shy about using making the print media dress up Ireland 2040 to look like news content, was he?

  4. sheskin

    There isn’t a proper media in Ireland to be fair since yer wan was sacked.I have to rely on Broadsheet and other web based outlets for my info.

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