Friday night.

Kilcooley, Bangor, County Down down deeper and down.


On Saturday Mr Stitt claimed the bonfire was pushed over on purpose by structural engineers due to “structural concerns“.

It only took a little prod.

I’ll get my bowler.

Co Down bonfire collapses days before Eleventh night celebrations (Belfast Telegraph)

David Stitt?

Thanks Bibi Baskin Robbins

22 thoughts on “Inside Job

  1. Scundered

    By far the majority of people in north don’t want these displays anymore, but too scared to speak up about it as the people building them are thugs. It’s sad to see

  2. ReproBertie

    I can’t think of any possible negative outcome from lighting a bonfire several stories high in the middle of the first drought in 42 years.

  3. Bernie

    +1 Bertie

    They seem to get taller and wider with each passing year, feel sorry for people living beside where these groups decide to build them. Surely with this year’s heatwave, they could skip the 11th night bonfires – in fact, why are all of these wood piles not already disbanded?

    1. Bernie

      Petey / Peadar, can you string a sentence together or have the bonfire fumes fried your brain?

        1. Bernie

          @ jusayinlike

          Does he? I knew he trolled but doing it from the big apple is kinda ‘special’. In the words of David Jason, “What’s a plonker!!!”.

    1. realPolithicks

      That’s exactly what I was thinking Sheik, these things are illegal so why do the authorities allow them to be built.

      1. shortforBob


        Same as how the rest of Europe allows Spain to torture bulls. Or foxhunting … or … et cetera

        There’s no shortage of supposedly cultural bullpoopy where we’re all complicit, it only depends where you want to start.

        1. realPolithicks

          Unfortunately, Bullfighting and Foxhunting are still legal in many countries. This is illegal which makes it a vastly different issue.

    2. SOQ

      The PSNI don’t want to get involved. They say it is a cross community issue and that it is up to the politicians to sort it out. The politicians won’t say anything because they fear a loss of votes.

  4. scottser

    I for one am hugely impressed by the sheer ‘fupp you’ scale of these fires. Bonfires were a huge part of irish cultural celebrations and it’s ironic that our orange cousins are the only ones keeping the tradition alive. When we finally achieve a united ireland we should welcome bonfires instead of bye-lawing the poo out of them and charging carbon tax on them. I would love to see one lit up in person, itd look class.

    1. SOQ

      OK so send us you address and when we are finished the unification project we will send them round?

      By all means build on top of a big hill in the country and bucky the night away but sticking them besides houses is just plain stupid.

  5. RuilleBuille

    Did that clown get his engineering degree from the same university of life that Seamy Bryson got his degrees in Law and Journalism?

  6. Termagant

    I feel like maybe the fact that they were able to just push over a 30′ timber mountain isn’t really a point in its favour

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