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Friday night.

Kilcooley, Bangor, County Down down deeper and down.


On Saturday Mr Stitt claimed the bonfire was pushed over on purpose by structural engineers due to “structural concerns“.

It only took a little prod.

I’ll get my bowler.

Co Down bonfire collapses days before Eleventh night celebrations (Belfast Telegraph)

David Stitt?

Thanks Bibi Baskin Robbins

Carrickfergus, County Antrim

Ahead of the Eleventh Night.

A towering bonfire is being built across the road from a petrol station.

The Eleventh Night pyre is under construction on a grass verge in Carrickfergus.

Nearby, on the opposite site of the road, is a petrol station forecourt and retail units which have been built in recent years….

There have been increased concerns about bonfires built near businesses and homes after houses were gutted last year in west Belfast. Several terraced homes at Hopewell Square were damaged last July due to embers from the nearby Eleventh Night bonfire.

Towering loyalist bonfire built near petrol station (Irish News)

Thanks John Gallen

Colm Dore writes:

This pic is like a work of art – only in Belfast – worthy of Mark Cousins

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Brighid Breathnach writes:

Finglas Village [Dublin] is getting Halloween ready this evening…

Saturday update:

p1 p2

Luke Brennan writes:

Gardai are monitoring palettes mysteriously moving themselves aroung GCD [Grand Canal Dock]…



Further to Meath County Council’s bonfire ban

Collywobble writes:

Rubbish collected by “legging it” scallywags on Meath county council land. Reported to them two weeks ago but burned every night since then saving them the bother of lifting it. Councils are indeed d***s!

Yesterday: Flame Retardant

This afternoon.

Maire tweetz:

Preparing for the 12th of July bonfire in Belfast. She’s big.

Needs more defiant tricolour


They’re still collecting.

Aisling tweetz:

Pallets, tyres, the lot. If you live near Marrowbone Lane [Dublin 8], GET OUT NOW!

Run free.

Children of the fire.



Needs more pallet

Thanks John Gallen

Perishing fuzz.

More as we get it.

Ah here.

Blackpitts this afternoon.

Thanks Joe Furlong