Meanwhile, At The Spire


This afternoon.

The Spire, O’Connell Street, Dublin 1

Sinn Féiin President Mary Lou McDonald (pic 1 and above right) and Social Democrat co-leader Roisin Shorthall (pic 2) join a red-clad gathering offering comfort and support  to those impacted by the ongoing CervicalCheck/HSE scandal.

Thursday: Delay, Delay, delay

Yesterday: Unredacted And Searchable

Sam Boal/Rollingnews

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30 thoughts on “Meanwhile, At The Spire

  1. Vanessa Foran

    Thank you

    That feels like it’s so paulty an acknowledgment for making such an effort and giving up a day like today. But it is all I have.

    So thank you all again.

    1. Vanessa off the Telly

      Hello Bernie
      I replied my thanks here the moment I saw the thread flood into my twitter feed because my gratitude to everyone that wore the Red and gave up their day when I didn’t is sincerely appreciated.

      I have no excuse better than having made a commitment to another organisation that quiet frankly doesn’t deserve it.

      I am also taking today’s rally of support at the Spire very personally. Because if I wasn’t already obliged by that previous commitment today I would have gone off to Carlow with Johnny Keenan and BARE Festival’ed like a teenager.

      Yet everyone there today on O’Connell Street was there to tell me “we have your back.”
      While all the time I didn’t have theirs.

      It won’t happen again.

  2. Bernie

    I hope that you got the all-clear, I know you weren’t expecting to speak about it the night John ‘outed’ you on the youtube show, not cool in my books, not cool on any level, surprised you were do ok with it. Look after yourself.

    1. Vanessa off the Telly

      Thank you for your good wishes Bernie.

      However I do not feel, nor even felt at the time, John Ryan was inappropriate, and now, in the after the event as it were, I am glad we did it, and exactly the way we did it. In fact I would do it again.

      Therefore I do not want anyone to feel differently on my behalf. Especially since I do not know what I am going to be talking about until it comes out of my mouth during the show.

      Sorry for making this a thing everyone. I just got very emotional when I saw the pictures above and reacted.

      I am genuinely and sincerely very touched by the turnout and effort by everyone at the Spire, and just feel I let them all down.


  3. Bernie

    That’s not how it came across at all but I understand you’re obligation and loyalty to him.

    1. Vanessa off the Telly

      Please Bernie, do not read more into it beyond the established fact with everyone that knows me that I am inherently uncomfortable talking about myself on a personal level, even with my own parents.

      I am known as being too private for my own good.
      Work, Sport, Current Affairs, Politics, and general laddish banter is my natural habitat; my comfort zone if you like.

      That is, perhaps, what you perceived from that one to one with John, and you would be correct. But I promise you I have no regrets about it being aired.

      Yes I do have a loyalty to John. He is my friend , and the same goes for Neil, Johnny and Olga, I would go to war for them.

      However obligations are an entirely different and more complex ball game.

      1. SOQ

        Are you an employee or otherwise paid for work by what we know of as Vanessa?

        Asking for a friend obvs.

        1. Vanessa off the Telly

          Hi SOQ
          As you may have noticed I do not disclose my fee paying client base to anyone.

          On that other matter you flogged so charmingly last Thursday, subject to unforseen circumstances, I will be at Belfast Pride with Improv Neil Curran.
          I’ll be the one in the Cork Jersey.

          1. SOQ

            No you are right,t I never disclose my clients to anyone ether, I just quietly go home and put my feet down.


  4. Bernie

    PS. Just because you have a crush on someone, don’t let them treat you like an eejit.

    Regards to ‘Miriam’ and the rest of the Truman Show.

    1. Vanessa off the Telly

      Bernie, I really do appreciate your concern. But it is my story and I have no regrets about it being made public. I am actually glad it is and am very comfortable with people knowing, and with the manner it got disclosed.

      I love that you watch the show and that you followed up with me. But that remark is inappropriate and intrusive. Also, for me anyway, a bit creepy.

      Please stop. The teenager reads Broadsheet and watches the show and I won’t have to think twice about dropping out altogether, which would be a shame as they talked me round and into doing it in the first place.

      Have a good evening Bernie. Sorry everyone for dragging ye down on such a great day for most and for all sorts of reasons; weather, Cork getting leathered by Tyrone, England winning and Johnny Keenan’s tweets.


      1. Bernie

        It’s an honest comment and a bit of advice, from one woman to another, nothing ‘creepy’ in it, the crush is impossible to miss. I’m not a ‘follower’ so can only advise you on here.

        1. Vanessa off the Telly

          Please Bernie.
          Please don’t hinder my chances with Dwayne. It should be clear and obvious to anyone, everyone, and as Marco might say, all the colours of the rainbow; I only have eyes, and plenty of evil thoughts about one man. My Rock.

          Good night all.

  5. Catherine costelloe

    What a wonderful gathering of support . I hate the lack of urgency , the lack of empathy , and I won’t forgive and forget at next GE.

    1. Giggidygoo

      Emma i still waiting for the ‘immediate payment’ that the Judge directed Quest to make so that she and her family could take a break. She had to get a loan from from a bank in order to take the break.
      Wouldn’t you think Leo Varadkar would have taken some time out from his UN shenanigans to visit and make sure Quest were going to pay up? After all, he was Minister for a health back in the time.

  6. rotide

    Wtf happened here?

    Vanessa’s replys make her look like a complete narcassistic mentler. Which i guess is possible for anyone doing BOTV but it seems there was a lot of editing done here

    1. Ronan Scanlan

      ” complete narcassistic mentler. Which i guess is possible for anyone doing BOTV ”

      Please scroll to the section “Job Requirements”

      AirPods are the special touch.

  7. Bernie

    Rotide, nothing has been edited.

    It was impossible to garner a coherent response from her. Something is amiss, some form of untruth and I don’t say that lightly. My sister-in-law lost her fight with cancer at the age of twenty nine, leaving three under fives behind.

    Cancer is not a game you bandwagon onto, to increase viewing figures. Cop the flip on.

  8. Bernie

    Great tactics delaying my posts, you’re so clever.

    Delay what you like for as long as you like, the truth will always out.

    And deleting them now too, what are you afraid of?

  9. Ger Mc

    What the hell is going on ? Dying to know.Is someone saying they have cancer when they don’T ?????

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