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New York city imagined as if its night sky weren’t polluted with a million man-made lights – an advance celebration of Dark Sky Week (15-21 April) by the Skyglow Project


Dollymount Strand, Dublin, yesterday.

Alan Bracken P.C. tweetz:

Swimming ban back in place Dollymount we get update tomorrow from samples. This is all too frequent occurrence.

A selection of frozen ‘treats’ concocted by art students Hung I-chen, Guo Yi-hui, and Cheng Yu-ti  of the National Taiwan University of the Arts.

Using samples collected from 100 locations in Taiwan, frozen, then preserved in polyester resin, the project was designed to highlight high levels of water pollution in the country.


bioluminescence-hong-kong-noctiluca-scintillans-sea-sparkle-2 bioluminescence-hong-kong-noctiluca-scintillans-sea-sparkle-1bioluminescence-hong-kong-noctiluca-scintillans-sea-sparkle-3 bioluminescence-hong-kong-noctiluca-scintillans-sea-sparkle-4
Photos of a bioluminescent bloom by Noctiluca scintillans plankton on the Hong Kong seashore last week.

For all its ethereal beauty, the phenomenon, known as ‘sea sparkle’, is caused by pollution (in this case, agricultural runoff) disturbing the dinoflagellate.



Filmed in Maynooth, Co Kildare, at 2pm this afternoon.

By Victor Karu, who chronicles Ireland’s underwater life.

He writes:

Could you post this and please help to stop this happening.

If we don’t stop it asap all the fish can die + there are crayfish live they definitely will die or already dead because they are very sensitive.


Two unPhotoshopped images from The Line – a photobook by Spanish photographer and architecture student Palíndromo Mészaros.

The photos document the aftermath of a 2010 toxic waste spill in Western Hungary, which killed nine people and forced the evacuation of thousands. The material, released from an aluminum factory, has left a permanent mark on the villages in its path.

More pix at American Photo.