James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 – a soon-to-be-released 1,290 piece model from LEGO Creator Expert series complete with ejector seat, rotating license plates, bullet shield, tyre slashers and front machine guns.



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6 thoughts on “LEGOO7

  1. martco

    I know lego is a bit of craic & is meant to be lumpy n bumpy but this is upsetting me…ocd?..dunno but reducing a DB5 to something that looks like yet another yoke out of minecraft is just wrong wrong wrong

    (now then….where’s my wallet.. lego.com …buy a few & keep them in the attic for a year or two then sell them on ebay bnib for 10x stupid the purchase price)

    1. Pat

      Those who appreciate LEGO like me and none of ye know that this is a class LEGO model. Pure class

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