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An impressive 864 piece, half meter wide model of the International Space Station from Lego, designed with input from NASA including details like a posable Canadarm2, rotating, adjustable solar panels, and a brick-built space shuttle.

The set includes two astronaut minifigs, a display stand, and a 148-page instruction booklet filled with facts and info on the real-life ISS.

Yours for €70.


It’s hard to visualise what our little corner of the Universe looks like, what with galaxies being so spread out and our own one blocking quite a lot of the distant sky from us. Well, now there’s a map, of sorts. To wit:

…using large-scale galaxy motions to infer what massive objects must be gravitating in the nearby universe, the featured map, spanning over 600 million light years on a side, shows that our Milky Way Galaxy is on the edge of the Virgo Cluster of Galaxies, which is connected to the Great Attractor — an even larger grouping of galaxies. Also nearby are the massive Coma Cluster and the extensive Perseus-Pisces Supercluster. Conversely, we are also on the edge of huge region nearly empty of galaxies known as the Local Void. The repulsive push by the Local Void combined with the gravitational pull toward the elevated galaxy density on the other side of the sky explains part of the mysteriously high speed our Galaxy has relative to the cosmic microwave background — but not all.

To explore the local universe yourself, as determined by Cosmicflows-3, you are invited to zoom in and spin around this interactive 3D visualization.

(Image: R. Brent Tully (U. Hawaiiet al.)


A Lego Creator Expert set featuring the Apollo 11 lunar lander designed in collaboration with NASA: 1,087 pieces complete with separate ascent and descent stages, and a lunar surface with footprints.

Stanley Kubrick minifig not included (but that would have been hilarious, in fairness)

Available next month (the 50th anniversary of the actual moon landing) for €94.99.


A very impressive 1:8 scale die-cast model of James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5, complete with essential details including working lights, pop-out machine guns, flipping license plates, ejector seat, bulletproof rear shield and more.

The catch? It comes in 86 parts as part of a 22-month magazine build-up series from Eaglemoss.

And not for the first time, either.

First two issues (plus parts): €1.75. Issues 3-86: €9.75. Total cost: €822.50 (+P&P).

Alternatively, you could have five and a half LEGO DB5s with no wait, or (for €2.33 million) the real thing.