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A Lego Creator Expert set featuring the Apollo 11 lunar lander designed in collaboration with NASA: 1,087 pieces complete with separate ascent and descent stages, and a lunar surface with footprints.

Stanley Kubrick minifig not included (but that would have been hilarious, in fairness)

Available next month (the 50th anniversary of the actual moon landing) for €94.99.


A very impressive 1:8 scale die-cast model of James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5, complete with essential details including working lights, pop-out machine guns, flipping license plates, ejector seat, bulletproof rear shield and more.

The catch? It comes in 86 parts as part of a 22-month magazine build-up series from Eaglemoss.

And not for the first time, either.

First two issues (plus parts): €1.75. Issues 3-86: €9.75. Total cost: €822.50 (+P&P).

Alternatively, you could have five and a half LEGO DB5s with no wait, or (for €2.33 million) the real thing.