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  1. ClubMed

    Vradkar is an out and out twit. The Irish gubberment’s defence is to claim “out of context” and point the finger at the evil London red tops. Leo’s arrogance, lack of historical awareness and delusion was shocking.

    Anyway, the twit and his unironed entourage wouldn’t be able to control “Irish airspace” even if they wanted to and are utterly reliant on British capability for anything beyond basic SAR (even that is outsourced to the British).

    ROI is an increasingly pathetic nation state with little to offer the world. Caught up in domestic trivialties and led by clowns who can’t dress properly, nevermind prepare a considered position on the role of the ROI in the world in the 21st century.

    Dublin will be left behind at best, forgotten about at worst. Back to exporting labour and dreamers. The good-will days, the post conflict guilt, the posing with hurleys, the “everyone loves us we’re Irish” days are over. London may well decide to back Belfast (the citizens of which the Dublin government couldn’t care less about) and not Dublin. Mrs May responded to Dublin in Belfast today and it seems the significance of her speech hasn’t sunk in. No doubt Leo needs to run things past Brussels before deciding what he’s allowed to do.

      1. Ollie Cromwell

        You’re right.
        The new England is a dynamic country attracting more inward investment than any other country in Europe.
        It attracts record numbers of foreign visitors and record numbers of foreign students wanting to study in its excellent universities.
        Why,it even attracts Swiss bankers keen to take advantage of Brexit.
        It hasn’t lost touch with the old England though – it’s part of a country that sells more books abroad than any other country in the world.
        Last year it sold a record-breaking £5.7billion worth and most of that went to countries outside the EU.
        You’re bang on their old cock – the old England is long gone.

    1. Formerly known as @ireland.com

      “London may well decide to back Belfast (the citizens of which the Dublin government couldn’t care less about) and not Dublin.”

      London only cares about the DUP MPs, nothing else about any part of Ireland. When has London ever backed Dublin?

      “Mrs May responded to Dublin in Belfast today and it seems the significance of her speech hasn’t sunk in. ”
      Which part was significant? Such a load of meaningless dross. She can’t unite her cabinet, let alone her party or country*.

      *Very loose interpretation of what constitutes a country.

      The Unwanted Kingdom is the one crashing out of the EU, not Ireland.

      1. ClubMed

        “When has London ever backed Ireland?”

        Are you one of Leo’s advisors?

        How about saving Ireland from having to sign up to IMF agreements after it’s property boom with a £7bn loan at favourable interest rates? How about the peace dividend, providing naval and airspace security, providing intelligence to Garda, the FDI, the (unreciprocated) free flow of citizens, etc.

        Britain has a sense of duty towards Ireland. EU has a use for Ireland (a thorn in Britain’s side) but once that use is gone, Brusseis couldn’t care less. Ireland is used to being a thorn for others whether it’s the church or the EU, the cap in hand always comes out.

        “meaningless dross”

        Let’s say you’re right. Speech was meaningless dross. But the fact she went to Belfast to speak to political and business leaders there shows she cares and is thinking about the economy of the future and governance in the future. Ireland is on the agenda and needs to be/will be sorted out. Leo hasn’t the balls to lead Ireland into the future. Easiest to stay on EU teet that the ROI political establishment has become accustomed to.

    2. SOQ

      ClubMed may I point you the main headline in The Telegraph. Cabinet at war over free movement. This is what is happening in Britain at the moment. A government at it’s own throats because they cannot agree the most basic tenets of Brexit which should have been sorted long before even entering negotiations. All impact analysis has been kept top secret and the main leave movement has been referred to the police for investigation on charges of corruption. It is questionable if the electoral wafer slim majority in support of Brexit even exists anymore of course.

      And yet, you are sniping at the Irish leader who’s actions have resulted in arise in popularity to the point where if he continues as is, will probably win the next election. May has a difficult job but so has Varadkar because trying to negotiate with the British right now is like trying to hoard mice at a crossroads.

    3. Cú Chulainn

      Ah, whist with the self loathing.. there was no need to say anything about flight paths, but maybe he just wanted to wind May up. He is human after all. May stood in a city that is no longer majority union or Brexit and gave a speech to keep her job. Nothing more. Even Arlene’s supporters are moving on and more fool her but that’s politics for you. The word of an English diplomat, as they say in China. None of this should be happening of course, but it is and our guys are on it. Stay true and let’s see where it goes.

      1. ClubMed

        Even the “nationalist” and “Catholic” groups are pro union these days.

        Group politics isn’t as simple as you like to think. Relying on the old ways isn’t sustainable.

        For example ask a middle income earner if she’d be happy under Dublin rule – multiply your income tax bill by x1.5 or x2.0, poor public services, overpriced cars, housing x3 more expensive. Better off investing your future in people like Mrs May than Leo the clown.

        1. SOQ

          A ha a northerner so.

          ClubMed said: Even the “nationalist” and “Catholic” groups are pro union these days.

          Err no. The lack of equal marriage and abortion rights in NI is a bone of contention like no other. ROI is now what NI aspires to be, if it ever gets there, which is unlikely.

          As for cost of living, yes tax is higher but that is because wages are too? You’ll find a hell of a lot more workers heading to Dundalk from Newry these days than the other way about and the Enterprise train to Dublin is packed to the gills.

          The only thing NI has is social housing but sure, that is paid for by Britain anyways. And the biggest employer, by far, is the state sector so given the buttons they are paid, the amount of ‘middle earners’ is actually way lower than ROI.

          I won’t mention the NHS because that’s in a heap and private health care will be at ROI levels soon anyways.

          1. ClubMed

            You have an odd reality and appear to be still living in the 1990s. Train to Dundalk… Lol Are you one of those Nordy Sinner crusties who prefers destruction over creation and whose only aim is to drag the world down to your level?

          2. Cú Chulainn

            You’ve missed the point entirely. I just said Belfast was not union or Brexit, which is entirely the case. You’re the one harking back to the bad old days. They are gone and with them those narrow confines of thought so often enabled in a post colonial society. It’s a bold New future for NI. The edifice of fear is collapsing. It might not always seem it, but the future is bright.

          3. SOQ

            I said the Enterprise to Dublin which carries a lot of northern people to the IFSC and Grand Canal Dock, middle and high earners to you.

            As for infrastructure, I trust you are not including roads in that category because in NI at this stage they are like something from the third world. The amount of claims against the DOE must be crazy.

            Although, like a lot of other people, I would pay good money to see Mary Lou McDonald in the ROI’s government right now because then the brexiteers really would have something to whinge and gripe about.

    4. Ron

      Can’t argue with ClubMed on any of that… we are a pathetic nation. let’s call us out for what we are

  2. john f

    All in all it was a foolish line that Leo decided to take. He is talking about grounding flights from the UK flying in Irish airspace. What if the UK retaliates and decides to ground all Irish lights that enter UK airspace? Most flights from here to the mainland continent go through UK airspace.

    Leo was probably told to take such a line by he is EU masters. Sure we are all popular to them at the moment as they can use us as a stick to beat the British with. However the moment we are of no more use they will hang us out to dry just like they did with the banking bailout.
    I am not team EU or team UK, I distrust both. Our officials should be lobbying the EU to form a trade deal with Britain that is acceptable to the BREXITeers. It’s in our national interest. Our politicians are so busy being teen EU that they forget their role is to be team Ireland’s first.

    1. Frilly Keane

      One ‘tings’ for sure there JD
      Leo didn’t come up with ‘the line’ all on his own’Ieoh

      An’ t’wasn’t anyone else sitting around that cabinet table

  3. SOQ

    Interesting that the Leo bashers were sitting waiting on the papers to go up.

    Again I ask, in what way would any of the other main Irish party leaders be behaving any differently right now?

    Personalise and demonise, rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat.

    1. bisted

      …the only one rinsing and repeating seems to be you…your mewling defense of Leo is tedious and pathetic considering he has already admitted he ‘mispoke’…

      1. SOQ

        I was commenting on an emerging pattern over the past number of weeks but thank you for your valued contribution.

        Speaking of patterns, Bodger I trust you are keeping a tight eye on the IP ranges posting to this site of late? All free VPN software contains spyware, great isn’t it?

          1. SOQ

            We are heading into the biggest sh|t storm ever to hit this country. It is not unreasonable to assume that this, like a number of other Irish sites, will become the target of foreign malcontents. In fact, I suspect it is already happening.

          2. mildred st meadowlark

            There’s an irony going on here and it is DELICIOUS.

            Tasty, tasty irony.

          3. jusayinlike

            now they’re hacking broadsheet and they’re behind Brexit too, the evil baxtards..

          4. Nigel

            (Are you saying the DNC server wasn’t hacked? Bold move. Let’s see if it works out.)

          5. SOQ

            Where are you posting from jusayinlike? Roughly, I am not asking for an Eircode in Donegal or anything.

    2. Giggidygoo

      Well, after all, there’s a mini Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil Ard Fheis going on in Kerry at the moment. Varadkar and Martin, discussing how they’ll continue on the ‘supply and confidence’ farce while saving face. ‘Let’s both agree on a 2020. election and then no one can say either of us forced an election’
      Fair game for Varadkar and Martin bashers. Martin is basically irrelevant during the current Brexit farce (he is actually getting so irrelevant anyway, that his troops are getting very anxious as to their future), and the one that mouths off the EU stance is Varadkar.
      But look at any news programs over the past few weeks (European and even UK ones), you’ll find it hard to get images of Varadkar mixing with his European masters. You’ll see little or no soundbites. Same goes for Coveney. We hear very little from Helen McEntee these days either.
      As ‘leader’ of this country he deserves to be commented on, good or bad as long as it’s deserved. I find little underserved negative comment.

  4. Ollie Cromwell

    Let’s see where the ” friends ” of Ireland are when the horse-trading goes down to the wire and the real last-minute deal-breaker brokering is underway.
    Liability Leo has had his ego stroked by hard-nosed and much more experienced Brussels bureaucrats and he’s become their willing quockerwodger.
    His airhead claims have simply confirmed him as a joke politician from a long line of comedy Irish politicians.
    Ireland can do better than him but given how acquiesant and easily fooled the voters are they probably deserve him.
    Until the ordure hits the fan in the event of a Hard Brexit and Ireland’s ” friends ” laugh all the way to the bank and Germany steers the gravy train away from its latest victims.
    Get used to it suckers.

    1. Cú Chulainn

      That’s exactly the line Davis and Johnson like to spin..!! Yes, you’re quite right: let’s see what happens when the last minute horse trading begins. And, again, there is nothing good in this. Britain is on a bender and like all good friends, we just have to wait till she hits rock bottom before we can move in to get her the help she needs.

      1. Nigel

        I guess they’re trying to turn everyone against them so they can heighten the us vs them narrative and further isolate the UK? Well it won’t work. I loves my Brit pals you Brexit bullies!

    2. Formerly known as @ireland.com

      The suckers are the Brexiteers.

      Tell me what your plan for the GFA is?

  5. ReproButina

    “I am always of the view that if somebody engages in name calling it is probably because they don’t want to talk about the substance. I am not the slightest bit concerned about some of that language that we are seeing coming out of London. What matters really is what happens between the Governments – the 27 Governments of the EU, the institutions. That is all very grown up and civilised.”
    Leo rises above, something the Sasamachs won’t be able to do if the EU airspace is closed to them.

    1. Giggidygoo

      The first line of that. As against this? ‘http://www.thejournal.ie/leo-varadkar-mary-lou-fight-3618929-Sep2017/’

      1. ReproButina

        If anything I think that reinforces it. FG/FF regularly resort to name calling when it comes to SF. Otherwise they may have to deal with actual points and issues and they last thing they want is to get into an honest debate with SF about anything. Much easier to throw jibes at them and have them demonised in the media.

  6. Ollie Cromwell

    Deep down and in their heart of hearts the Varadkar fanboys on here know he’s a plonker who attracts ridicule.
    And you can smell the fear from their posts that the EU is going to abandon Ireland when its use is over.
    Realistically the chances of big business in Germany and France with valuable markets in the UK allowing a no deal to happen because of a few farmers on a poxy border in Ireland are remote.
    The heads of state will call the shots in these negotiations.The real heads of state not some popinjay peacock playing to boggers in the sticks instead of showing his mettle on the international stage.
    Whoever advised Liability Leo to float the No Planes Flying story that was comprehensively demolished several years ago really has made their boss look like a prize pillock.

    1. ReproButina

      “the No Planes Flying story that was comprehensively demolished several years ago“
      Quick question. If it was comprehensively demolished years ago why have EasyJet opened a subsidiary in Vienna?

  7. Stan

    I love that the Torygraph sees fit to brand Leo as ‘childish and arrogant’. So unlike that statemanlike Mr. Johnson, of whom they are so fond. The idea of anyone in Britan, or really, England, attempting to tell another sovereign nation anything about how to run themselves at the moment is hilarious

  8. Ollie Cromwell

    Just think about the stupidity of a man who threatened to block airspace without an airforce to do it and who is reliant on the airforce of the country he threatened to block to protect Ireland in the event of a terrorist attack.
    And the person in the EU pulling his puppet strings is a drunk who is no use to anyone after lunch.
    Way to go Liability Leo.

    1. mildred st meadowlark

      Ollie it’s Saturday morning.

      Don’t you have a family to torment or friends you can inflict yourself of, or indeed, a life waiting for you?

      Or even just stick a coffee on (the fancy one for special occasions) and listen to some Marvin Gaye or something.

    2. Brother Barnabas

      Just think about the stupidity of a man who interpreted Varadkar’s comment as a threat to block airspace etc

    3. Nigel

      It’s almost as if you’ll lash out at any excuse or opportunity whenever anything happens that exposes Brexit as the wretched shambolic disaster it is. Which happens a lot, in fairness.

  9. mildred st meadowlark

    What is it about this place at the weekend? Poo just gets weird. We totally lose the run of ourselves.

    Is memes here?

    1. Janet, I ate my avatar

      ” When you come back, you will not be you,”
      E.M Forster_ The Other boat

  10. Bernie

    Memes is tucked up in his cot, he msgd me earlier. When he was on here in the past, at least there was comedic value, it wasn’t the pooshow how that has evolved, as of late.

  11. ReproButina

    Despite the constant abuse Leo gets here the latest Sunday Times poll has FG up 3 points to 34% while FF are down 3 to 21%. SF also drop but are ahead of FF on 22% which will mean FF won’t fancy an election.

  12. SOQ

    And first posters on The Sunday Papers will be…

    Personalise and demonise, rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat.

    1. Ron

      and it’s all justified. Get used to it. it hasn’t even started yet. They are the most incompetent filth bags that have ever lorded it over us. The internet just gives us all a front row seat to how pathetic they are. finally people are starting to care. Get them out.

        1. Ron

          Personally I’m going to give Social Democrat candidates my vote. And any strong independents that declare

  13. rotide

    This air space kerfuffle is an extraordinarily handy guide to broadsheet commenters.

    Multiple commenters keep bashing Leo because ‘he threatened to ban british planes flying over irish airspace. ” This is has been proven over and over to be completely unforunded and false (often multiple times to the same person). So either these people are (A) sillies or (B) Trolling. Either way it makes no difference, you may safely ignore them from here on in.

    Clubmed, Giggidygoo and Ollie, I’m talking about you guys by the way. You have joined Jusayinglike, Ron , Bisted and John F in the silly corner, enjoy it pals!

    1. Tubbs's husband

      This is an opinionated site for opinionated people with one opinion.
      We’ll have no trouble here.

      1. rotide

        You can have an opinion all you want, that’s completely fine.

        However, stating that the grass is a strong shade of red in the face of all evidence is alternate facts city.

  14. Ron

    Is there any state funded organisations left in this country that don’t have some level of scandal or scam attached to them?

    18 mths after a major fraud at Trinity College, the loss amounts to €974,781 but rest assured “the university is pursuing the matter with its insurers”. Details of the fraud remain sketchy. Taxpayer gives Trinity €45m direct- plus €37m student grants


    1. johnny

      the crime reporter at The Sun broke it and covered it well-quite the story-1 million cash stolen before anyone noticed.

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