Téigh Ar Phicnic


Irish language spoken here

Síomha Ní Ruairc writes:

Bliain na Gaeilge and Festival Republic are delighted to announce that they will be collaborating on some special feature events at Electric Picnic 2018 in Stradbally, Co. Laois, 31st August – 2nd September.

As part of this collaboration, there will be an official Gaeltacht camping area founded on the festival grounds.

There will be space provided for two hundred people in this designated camping area, in which Irish will be the common language of the residents.

Tickets for Electric Picnic 2018 are sold out, but those who have already purchased tickets will be able to stay in this new designated Irish language camping space.

Because of limited spaces, campers will have to register to stay in ‘An Ghaeltacht’ beforehand, at electricpicnic.ie.  Applications will open for ticketholders at 10am. tomorrow,  Tuesday July 24.

Electric Picnic 2018

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23 thoughts on “Téigh Ar Phicnic

  1. Elron

    What a lovely idea! The usual knob jockeys will be crying into their cans of Carling going on about how it was taught in school and the waste of it all… Bainigí suit as a cháirde leictreach. Ná dearmad do pháipéar leithreas..

    1. Ben Redmond

      Beidh siad go leir ag deanamh ‘jiving’ (damhsa) as Gaeilge. Conas mar a deirtear cannabis chun meascadh leis an tobac?

      1. Gabby

        Watch out for a group of Les Bleus who’ll be whooping it up with cans of vin ordinaire Chateauneuf du Plonk. Allez les gars!

      2. pedeyw

        They could probably use a section reserved for people complaining about Irish being a waste of time.

    1. Ben Redmond

      Das wissen wir gar nicht. Wenn man uber die Irische Sprache etwas sagen will, soll man auf Deutsch oder Franzosisch schreiben.

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