Great Irish Non-Fiction


Number 2: Down Down Deeper & Down by Eamonn Sweeney

Selected by: Cian.

First published: October, 2010 by Gill and MacMillan.

Available?: In stock.

Why? “An example of great Irish non-fiction owing to its ability to effectively be an academic paper equivalent of ‘Reeling in the Years‘ – including bits too bad to ever go on RITY Had to go dig it out as thinking of a submission led me to ‘that 80s book by that journo’.”

Significance?: “Thorough and usable as a tertiary historical source yet written in an entirely accessible manner.”

Sequel?: “There was some suggestion of an 80s/90s follow up but nothing as yet.”

Great-Irish Non-Fiction’ is a reading list of 100 books chosen by YOU and highlighted over the coming weeks. If you would like to include a favourite please leave your suggestion below.

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14 thoughts on “Great Irish Non-Fiction

  1. Cian

    but if you all think that this is a book that shows me as a connoisseur of learning and good taste – well I’m happy to pretend it was me.

    I’m the purple-ghost-blob; the #FakeCian is a horny-light-bluec-hristmas-tree-with-wings-blob

    1. Brother Barnabas

      i think I speak for everyone, cian, when I say that’s precisely how you’re perceived

  2. Spaghetti Hoop

    I have a book coming out. It’s called ‘Where Are All Our Book Jacket Designers?’.

  3. Liam Deliverance

    57p for a litre of petrol !, the stuff of dreams for me compared to the rip off we have today

    1. Cian

      57p = 64c
      Depending on when that picture was taken [between 1970 and 1989], inflation alone would make that equivalent to:
      €.64 in Jan 1970 would cost €8.76 in Jun 2018.
      €.64 in Jan 1980 would cost €2.51 in Jun 2018.
      €.64 in Jan 1984 would cost €1.41 in Jun 2018.
      €.64 in Dec 1989 would cost €1.13 in Jun 2018.

      So if that picture is from before 1983 then petrol is cheaper today.

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