Meanwhile, In Venice


This morning.

Venice, Italy

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar chats to Yvonne Farrell (right) and Shelley Mc Namara of Grafton Architects, curators of the Architecture Biennial, the “world’s greatest exhibition and celebration of architecture”.

In fairness.

Also Vans?


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6 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Venice

  1. AssPants

    How is it Leo V looks so fubb’n cool all the time…… he’s just amazballs in his causal attire and his hands in his pockets like a 15 year old on a school tour.,

    Looks more like Leo is digging in his pockets for the backstop…. (seriously though, what the fub is a backstop and what has it got to do with border protection, and of course who decided this was the best phrase for whatever it is supposed to mean). I think it means “backstop = a generic term used to confuse the electorate”

    It’s proud moment for ambassadors of Ireland.

    Update: Is he fubb’n serious, he has shades hanging out of his fubb’n shirt as if he were at a BBQ…………

  2. Alan McGee

    Amazing! he’s out there to learn how to start a government lead social building programme. Me hole

    1. Termagant

      Lesson 1: what is, from an architectural perspective, the cheapest and flimsiest structure you can build with it still being technically termed a “house”

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