Speak No Evil


Former Fianna Fáil TD and former Minister for Foreign Affairs Dermot Ahern; Former Fianna Fáil Minister Michael Woods ,who brokered the indemnity deal with the religious.

“I spoke to him in no uncertain terms about the separation of powers in Ireland and how the Irish State was a Republic and about the redress board [set up to compensate people who had been in religious-run institutions as children].” (Dermot Ahern, “Vatican proposed State indemnify it against clerical abuse claims”)

Was it not Mr Ahern’s FF colleague Michael Woods who passed on the compensation bill of a cool billion for clerical child abuse to the innocent taxpayer; and the same paragon of republican secularism, himself, who blessed us with our current theocratic blasphemy law? In no uncertain terms.

D Flinter,
Co Galway.

No uncertain terms? (Irish Times letters page)

Vatican proposed Irish State indemnify it against clerical abuse claims (Patsy McGarry, Irish Times, August 8, 2018)

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6 thoughts on “Speak No Evil

  1. phil

    I wonder why Cardinal Sodano might have thought there was need for the church to be indemnified in 2004 ? How could he have known ?

  2. Sheik Yahbouti

    Pious, craw thumping liars, both of them. They did the State DISservice – any adverse consequences for Dr Woods and Blasphemy Ahern? NO.

  3. dav

    That’s Dermot “the IMF are not in town” Ahern? Or was he the nodding donkey in the background of that interview..

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