Eamonn writes;

The Celtic Tiger seems to be alive and well at the Insomnia Bar in Spar at the corner of Georges Street and Dame Street [Dublin 2], where a large regular tea (one tea bag) yesterday cost 2.40.

Frequented by a large number of tourists, this price will certainly bring back word to the rest of Europe, that Ireland has recovered and is open for business…




29 thoughts on “How Much?

  1. Anomanomanom

    But €2.40 is not just for the tea bag, as you know well. And its not expensive for a tea that size. Also just don’t pay that if you have a problem.

    1. toby

      VAT 9% then the cups the staff to serve it plus the cost to employ them
      Milk Sugar plus sugar tax insurance rent electricity rates table tax paid to council for outside seating accountants fees office expenses banking fees then if any profit made corporation tax on it
      Mind you cheap compared to the massive profits made in other sectors
      If it was made by a plumber or carpenter the hourly rate would be four times the cost for the staff

  2. Murtles

    €2.40 is not just for one teabag. It’s includes the price of :
    * Staff Member Wages (To serve the Tea)
    * Water Rates (To get water for the Tea)
    * Electricity Rates (To boil the water for the Tea)
    * Rent on Shop (To have a place to serve the Tea)
    * Consumables (The Cup and Lid to hold the Tea, including that weird thin lollystick for stirring)
    IMRO Rates (For that nice music in the background while getting Tea otherwise deathly silence would send staff mad)
    * Council Rates (To dump the rubbish bag you put your Teabag into)
    * My time to type this (I’ll bill Insomnia directly don’t worry)

      1. scottser

        lads, those are all overheads and therefore tax deductible. ye’re forgetting the most important one though:

        1. teabag

          If there is profit its after 9% VAT which will increase this budget to 12.5% then corporation tax
          Profit should work out at 25 cent per cup after all overheads after tax if the place is run well if not half that

          1. Cian

            Assuming your numbers are correct – it would suggest that if they sell a cup of tea for less than €2 they would make a loss! :-(

  3. Paul Flynn

    Small canteen cup of filter coffee in Gleann Colm Cille, Co. Donegal last week –

      1. scottser

        Jj darbovens is your only man for a coffee in dun laoghaire. Way cheaper than insomnia and the coffee is delish.

    1. Ava

      In Glean Colm Cille you have the scenery and the wonderful Donegal people surrounding you, well worth your communion money, Paul.

  4. Termagant

    Just bring a thermos for home

    Is that inconvenient for you?

    Then be prepared to pay the premium for convenience

  5. Ava

    In Glean Colm Cille you have the scenery and the wonderful Donegal people surrounding you, well worth your communion money, Paul.

  6. I am John

    A friend of mine during the snow was telling me how that Spar can’t ever close as it doesn’t have any doors. I’m sure everyone heard this at the time.

    Anyway, I didn’t believe this and was convinced it probably just had a roller door or something. I forgot about it until a couple of weeks ago when I happened to be in there, I can confirm it has no doors and therefore can never close. Weird how they can be so confident they will NEVER have to leave it empty at any point.

  7. Jonjo

    Eamonn, no one cares. Just make your own tea if you don’t want to pay €2.40.

    Plus it costs the same in most major cities in Europe.

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