Seeking Your Vote


The ‘Here’s How’ podcast.

Host William Campbell (right) meets journalist Gemma O’Doherty (left) , who declared on Sunday night her intention to seek a nomination to run for President of Ireland, for a wide-ranging chat; veering from corruption in the media (and Irish life in general) to Hillary Clinton’s unsuccessful Presidential bid.

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Here’s How

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60 thoughts on “Seeking Your Vote

    1. Andrew

      Daisy it should be pointed out is a self confessed Fianna Faíl supporter. Posting smears here since Ms.O’Doherty announced her intention to run.

      1. Daisy Chainsaw

        Links to my supposed Fianna Failure support?

        O’ Doherty’s a crank. An unelected Healy Rae type.

        1. Andrew

          Catherine Ardagh ring any bells? Remember when you were last laying in to the Summer School held in Rialto at which Gemman O’Dohery gave a speech?
          You have made your feelings clear on Gemma O’Doherty so often at this stage, one must conclude that you have some axe to grind.
          I know the Cosa Nostra type organisation that Fianna Faíl is, demands that kind of loyalty.

          1. Rep

            I read the same piece in the Phoenix as Daisy about the Summer School in Rialto. That was not a dig at GO’D but a dig at the Soc Dems. Is criticising the makeup of that summer school, where important local female politicians were ignored for new SocDem hopefuls, somehow a dig at Gemma O’D?

    2. Jeffrey

      That woman clearly defamed GoD, what do you expect? GoD has already said she would do anything to keep her good name, wouldn’t you?

    1. bisted

      …for a start, Gemma is anti-choice…she would be responsible for signing the legislation enabling the outcome of the recent referendum…politicians have even admitted that they tend to say anything that will get them elected and then do the opposite…

      1. Daisy Chainsaw

        She’s also anti vaxx and anti trans. Her investigations have merit, but I wish she’d put up or shut up. The vague conspiracy theorising puts her in the crackpot column.

        1. Amorphous Kerry Blob

          I hope her candidacy doesn’t damage the credibility of those looking for justice for Mary Boyle/Niall Molloy.

          Has she been explicitly anti-trans?

          1. Jeffrey

            No she has not, I only see crackpots in her detractor camp to be honest, quick labels, no proof of any kind.

        2. Bodger

          Gavin Duffy spends weekends between November and April on a horse directing dogs to kill another animal for no other purpose than having the craic. I would still fight for his right to stand for President.

          1. Daisy Chainsaw

            I want them all to stand for president so I have the constitutional right to NOT vote for them!

    2. Ron

      Depends who you ask. The wannabe hacks on here who think they are the cleverest people in the room are absolutely terrified that she is going to harness the vote of an electorate that is baying for blood and change. They know she is a credible threat to Michael D so therefore they will do their best to paint her as a Looney candidate and try destroy her chance. Like they did with Maurice Mc Cabe. It won’t work this time and they are doing more to help her campaign by doing it. Gemma O Doherty No 1

        1. Ger Mc

          Ah come on Bodger. You’re a good man . What are we terrified of ? The likes of Paul Murphy cause he is clever might terrify the fine gaelers . I don’t think anyone is terrified of Gemma

          1. Starina

            Bodger loves a good conspiracy theory. He promised us a bombshell about Pizzagate more than a year ago.

      1. Daisy Chainsaw

        “They know she is a credible threat to Michael D.”

        I love when people say that. It’s hillarious.

        1. Ron

          Your right, it is hillarious. And what’s gonna be even more hilarious is when the RTE cameras pan down towards the floor to get Michael D Higgins in full shot on election night just as he realises he has lost the election

        2. bisted

          …surprised she is still in the race…she does some great work but has a habit of shooting herself in the foot…

          1. Daisy Chainsaw

            @Ron Are you?

            Did I forget to do the secret handshake when you were handing me that brown envelope?

  1. b

    ““Just because the HSE tells us that something is safe, should we just trust them blindly? I believe that the women who are now dying as a result of the cervical smear scandal would have an opinion about that. *If the HPV vaccine is as safe as the nearly hysterical defenders say it is*, it is well able to stand up to scrutiny.”

    calling for balance in a scientific debate, suggesting the HSE was complicit in giving women cancer etc all anti-vax conspiracy nonsense

    1. Rep

      But not anti-vax, just asking questions. Just like not anti-trans, just asking questions.

      If a FG or FF came out with this stuff, Bodger would be all over it but since its Gemma O’D, she gets a complete free pass.

      1. Bodger

        Rep, I think calling her both those things is misleading, unfair and, probably, actionable. Meanwhile, Diarmuid O’Flynn of ‘Ballyhea Says No’ is anti-repeal, Garda whistleblower John Wilson favours tougher immigration rules and Catherine Corless prefers The Stones Roses’ second album. I hold none of these positions but I would give all three a chance to go before the people.

        1. b

          being anti-repeal or anti-immigration is an opinion that people are entitled to have

          questioning scientific evidence is without good cause is different

          Gemma O’D, like everyone else, is completely entitled to run for a nomination for President, everyone else is allow to question her suitability in a democracy

          1. Bodger

            b, Can we cancel the event this weekend by that group questioning scientific evidence without good cause?

          2. b

            nope, like I say they are entitled to gather just like the rest of us are entitled to call them out on their damaging nonsense

          3. Nigel

            The Catholic church are solid on right wing anti-science bugbears like evolution, climate change and vaccinations (okay the left has anti-vaxxers a-plenty too) so what is this in reference to? Unless you mean theology and cosmology in which case never mind.

        2. Rep

          I’m not saying that she shouldn’t be given the chance and she is free to hold whatever position she wants. It just seems that you hold some politicians or potential politicians to a higher level of scrutiny than others. As is your want as well I guess. Just a bit much then when you complain about bias in other medias when you yourself seem to be guilty of it as well.

        3. Johnny Keenan

          In fairness though The Stone Roses second album was a greater body of work than their eponymous debut.
          Considering the pressure the lads were under.
          The crazies were sharpening their pencils back then.
          It didn’t help calling it ‘Second Coming’.
          Then ‘breaking into heaven’ with the best affirmation ever was to much for the Church Of England. Silencing the queen on ‘Elizabeth my Dear’ is one thing but letting people know they have control over their own destination is looking for trouble.
          It didn’t go down with the crazy christian fundamentalists to well.
          We know they run the music business? Right? This is not a conspiracy theory.

          ‘how many times will I have to tell you you don’t have to wait to die, you can have it all anytime you want it, yeah the kingdom alls in sight’

          C’mon Smell The Roses!

  2. Tom

    Bodger will never say a bad word about her because she’s into that qanon nonsense.

    She made some claims that Tony Blair was linked to the Madelein McCann case and also to the Donegal case as he goes there on holidays. Vague references to high level paedo rings. Truly insane stuff.

    1. Ger Mc

      I used to be a fan but to be honest she sounds like me after a couple of drinks. I want a president who is not as stupid as me !!!! Do some work in a homeless charity or with the kids of ballymun and don’t go for a fancy job where you will have no power to actually make a difference on society. Irish people no matter their education aren’t complete eejits .

  3. Martco

    I’m just amazed that anyone gives a flying fupp about who gets elected to be this diplomatic show pony.

    Whomever and their extended family gets to live the next 7 years of their life in palatial celeb luxury mixing it up with the other .01% ers has no bearing on any of the practical day to day issues we face in this kip country of ours.

    It’s all silly season nonsense and we’d all want to cop onto ourselves. Seriously who gives a fupp.

    1. b

      well, we are where we are, we have a choice to decide who gets the big pay cheque and live in the big house

      so, let’s make sure it goes to someone deserving of it.

    2. Boj

      +7years Martco!
      The outcome of any and all of this will be irrelevant really. Who cares who is president…it makes no bloody difference to anything. Correct me anyone if I am wrong.

  4. phil

    You know she is not anti those things ppl mention, she has this belief , as a journalist she should not be telling ppl what her personal feelings are about anything. I do however accept that ‘integrity’ is a type of made up word for Irish people, we have rarely seen it in action.

    I am uncomfortable with the way she responds to some questions, but I’m willing to accept she puts up with a lot of disingenuous questions and gets frustrated from time to time , but I still believe in her bona fides , therefore Im going to give her my vote and also annoy the independents in my area to support her ….

        1. Ron

          seriously Daisy cop yourself on. All your doing is letting yourself down in front of everyone. It’s embarrassing. Have some self respect

          1. Daisy Chainsaw

            I gave it up for lent… What’s your excuse, following me around like a sad puppy, yapping for attention? You’ll be rutting against my leg next, sweetie!

          2. Ron

            yaaaaawwwwwwnnnn… On a scale of 1 to 10, how upset will you be when Gemma O Doherty is elected as the next President of Ireland?

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