‘Bishop, This Is Not A Joke’


Last night.

On RTÉ’s Prime Time.

Mannix Flynn addressed Bishop of Derry Dónal McKeown and called on the guards to ring Pope Francis, during his visit to Ireland, and ask him to call into a Garda station and answer some “very, very serious” questions.

Watch back in full here

Yesterday: Temporary Cover-Up

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31 thoughts on “‘Bishop, This Is Not A Joke’

  1. Jonjo

    He’s right. If Zuckerberg can be questioned over Facebook’s tax avoidance and harvesting huge amounts of data on people, why can’t the pope be questioned on the Catholic Church’s cover ups?

  2. Andrew

    The Guards should ring him? The Garda Síochana in this country were/are complicit ffs!.
    The police force shouldn’t be waiting around to be ‘invited’. They should have been investigating crimes and the withholding of evidence. Accessory to the fact all of that.
    Arrests should have been made years ago that weren’t.

      1. Cian

        When was Zuckerberg questioned by An Garda Siochana؟

        I’m not sure how that helps…


        ¿Cuándo fue cuestionado Zuckerberg por An Garda Siochana?

        1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

          Not a Spanish question, a rhetorical one. Though you’ve now posted a rhetorical Spanish question.
          I need a nice glass of wine.

        2. Spaghetti Hoop

          He wasn’t. He was interrogated by the US Congress. He apologised for the data breaches by his corporation and took full responsibility. It would be befitting for the head of the Catholic Church to be held accountable for the graver crimes that organisation has committed, and in all countries where the crimes took place and were covered up. That would see him and his senior team accountable to national and international law. S’all people ask.

          1. Cian

            Thanks. I misread that initial post.

            So the comparison is with the US Congress asking a US citizen and head of a US corporation to answer questions on data breach.
            To the Irish police asking an Argentine citizen and head of the Vatican state (with diplomatic immunity) to answer questions on abuse cover-ups.

            I’d say a closer analogy would be when Queen Elizabeth was arrested for crimes committed in the North as head of the UKs armed forces when she visited last year. Or that time Obama was arrested when he visited…

  3. postmanpat

    Yeah right. The true believing, crucifix chain necklace kissing, Opus dei Garda higher ups that belong in that Wickerman movie would never be complicit in incarcerating , no, even questioning a lowly Christian brother accused of brutally raping a child let alone asking a priest or bishop or pope a few awkward questions. The Authorities cant be trusted when it comes to these type of crimes. The only justice one would hope to get in this country is to take the law into there own hands. If I had a personal bone to pick with a perv cleric. I would not contact the police because the eye would be on me then and the police would flock to protect the accused that they know is guilty. The police are not to be trusted, they are an arm of the Vatican in this country , always have been.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      Gardai in Wexford who knew several priests were raping children made files disappear. They were part of the heirarchy of respect then and you didn’t question them because if you could belive that a priest would never harm a child like that, you’d believe a member of An Garda Siochana would be on the side of right, not the crooks. Even though this was around 30 years ago, it seems like a completely different age.

  4. millie st murderlark

    Jakers. I may even take back my harsh words from yesterday.

    He may not be the nicest lad, but he’s absolutely dead right here.

    1. Ian-O

      Nobody is one thing I guess, we are all quite complex. Some things Mannix says I agree with, some I don’t but as you say above, on this, he is 100% correct.

  5. b

    So good to hear a strong voice speak out and tell it how it is, unashamedly. Fair play to Mr Mannix.

  6. truebleuterry

    I am pretty sure as the sovereign head of a state the Gardai are unable to interview him. Pretty much diplomatic immunity.

    1. Giggidygoo

      Does that immunity extend to Canon law being above the law of the land though. In other words, the local priests, bishops, cardinals….why are our lawmakers not taking them aside and interviewing them (all).?

  7. trueblueterry

    I am pretty sure as the sovereign head of a state the Gardai are unable to interview him. Pretty much diplomatic immunity.

    1. tommy

      If they cannot interview him due to diplomatic immunity which is correct they can drive him to visit te sites of the Irish holocaust before and after mass so he truly sees what his church did aided and abetted by this state

    2. Lilly

      So they won’t be slapping braclets on him when he goes to kiss the ground? Now that would be an apparition.

      1. tommy

        Maybe when he is in the kneeling position a reflective moment of a father ted kicking the bishop up the arse moment re created to honour father ted and craggy island
        Personally a cattle prod might be more apt

  8. Jdawgs

    The artwork and installation is just large copies of the paper trail dealing with Mannix from just being a young kid to an adult. You can see the bullshit and the coverup of the system from church, to state, to health board. It’s touching to read

  9. tommy

    I know him and knew him before he stood for public office
    Taken under the wing of lady ivy he after a horrific childhood ending up in letterfrack dealt with such demons which this state inflicted on him
    He used to come to my café and sometimes sodden with drink to stem the pain
    He used to go to the Shelburne hotel and meet the arty set and the garda hated that
    When he was drunk flash backs of the brutality would come apon himself
    When the garda arrested him well say no more
    This man dragged himself out of this nightmare and he now represents the people
    He truly is an Irish man to be proud of
    I have nothing but admiration for mannix and truly say this country owes him the role to repay him for what wrongs it did to him

    1. b

      @ Tommy – Very well said, Tommy, he’s an inspiration to us all. I have watched the videos above a few times over, such strength and defiance. I sincerely hope that he is given more air-time, everyone in this country and the Vatican, needs to hear his story, whether they like it or not. Much respect.

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