Journalist and Presidential hopeful Gemma O’Doherty

A selection of tweets from journalists this week following Gemma O’Doherty’s declared intention on Sunday night to seek a nomination to run for President of Ireland.

Including messages from Peter Murtagh, of The Irish Times, Matt Cooper, of Today FM, Kitty Holland, of The Irish Times,  journalist and broadcaster Eamonn McCann; Róisín Ingle , of the Irish Times and a tweet from Michael O’Regan, of the Irish Times highlighted by Diarmuid O’Flynn of Ballyheas Says No.

The Aras tilt follows a speech given last month at the Danielle Carroll Summer School, where, with a particular focus on the media, Ms O’Doherty attacked corruption in Irish life.


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Top pic: Rollingnews

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64 thoughts on “Dehumanise

  1. Jackdaw

    Hang on did I miss something or did she not throw her hat in the ring. It’s politics,it’s filthy and she should have to grow up and deal with it. Are you advocating special treatment for her just because she’s a journalist ?

    1. Rep

      Indeed. Could Bodger now do the same for Gavin Duffy? I mean, BS has posted quite a few disparaging items about him so why is it fine for BS to do so about him but seemingly not for others to do so about GO’D?

  2. ivan

    With hindsight, Gemma’s Ad Hom attack on Kitty Holland at that Summer school thing a few weeks ago mightn’t have really been a good idea. Gemma might well have had a point about the Irish Times/property porn in general but making it personal wasn’t going to be a good look.

    Eamon McCann piling in? Well, that’s what Dads do when somebody has a go at their kid, right?

    1. b

      Broadsheet should have a look at what is posted on twitter about our current government if this shocks them

      Other journalists are having a go at her, but then again, Gemma O’D has accused them all of being part of an ‘establishment’ conspiracy to prevent her being elected – that’s a fairly insulting and personal attack on someone’s profession

    2. Sham Bob

      Is this the offending “ad hominem” attack:

      ‘The editors and journalists responsible for this property porn know that encouraging young people to saddle themselves with such enormous debt is going to have a hugely negative impact on their lives, the housing crisis and the wider economy. But it does not stop them.’

      1. Scheinhauser

        Like most adults, editors and journalists work on the assumption that other adults (“young people” or not) won’t saddle themselves with enormous debt just because and editors journalists “encourage” them to. Do people who saddled themselves with debt that they can’t manage actually blame journalists rather than themselves? I mean really?

  3. hapfff

    the fact that BS are drawing attention to these hit jobs on GOD means that BS is also part of the MSM conspiracy against her

  4. johnny

    I don’t agree with all Gemma’s views, but she does not deserve the level of vitriol and trolling she has received on here and elsewhere.
    She’s very strongly opinionated which I admire,is articulate and brave has suffered/endured outrageous comments,carear damage and ridicule with grace and dignity.
    Good luck Gemma.

      1. axelf

        well when someone just puts up an article saying “look at her homophobia” as a dog whistle to her followers, who then don’t read the article and see that its not homophobic, they deserve to be sued and unfortunately for kitty, shes on her own with no IT or RTE to bail her out

  5. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

    Seriously? People having a pop on Twitter? Who cares? We’re not teenagers.
    Get on with it and grow up: life is tough, nobody’s offering you anything on a plate.
    Social media is a sh*tshow.

  6. Joe Small

    Isn’t it just possible that other journalists who have worked with her over the years just don’t particularly like her for various reasons? Isn’t that more likely than they are “TERRIFIED” of the speaking truth to power from the Áras?

  7. Rob_G

    ‘Dehumanise’ – jaysus, would you ever cop on, Bodger? A better headline would be ‘Politician gets raked over the coals by media for things they have said’ – welcome to the big bad world of politics, Gemma.

      1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

        Why do they have basements in some countries and not others? The Germans like ’em. Yanks too. Why not us?

          1. andy

            There’s areas in the US with similar climates to Ireland, Seattle for instance. Plenty of basements there.

            Perhaps Irish builders just aren’t good enough?

      2. Rob_G

        Johnny: decries the ‘vitriol and trolling’ that Gemma O’D has been subjected to; engages in childish trolling himself ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  8. MaryLou's ArmaLite

    What Truth is she on about? She comes across as someone who believes conspiracy theories just because.

  9. missred

    Ach now Bodger, you may as well have let out several loud coughs and pointed your finger at a neon sign for all the lack of subtlety about the point you’re making. I don’t agree with name calling, but I do agree with holding dodgy views up to scrutiny and have them explained properly without accusing the asker of something they haven’t done. This sort of avoidance gets you extra criticism on top of what you’re already getting.

  10. Basil Brush

    While you’re at it, maybe you’d like to show O’Doherty’s threats of legal action to a person who asked some awkward questions. Because that’s what champions of the underdogs do, isn’t it?

  11. Donal

    The sooner this distracting sideshow of nonsense to elect our figurehead is over the better, we have more important things to be worrying about.

    MDH is a wonderful figurehead for Ireland. We are a country that markets itself as a land of saints and scholars, and we have a figurehead who can discuss those saints and scholars til the cows come home.

    I understand the reasons why some people want an election to take place, but in my opinion there isn’t a candidate mentioned yet who even comes close to the level of suitability that we should be aiming for

    1. CoderNerd

      Scratch the surface of saints and scholars and under that veneer you have corruption galore, favours for favours, child abuse cover ups and political policing. Install Ahern as president and call a spade a a spade.

  12. Whatever

    IMO, Kitty Holland has made an absolute show of herself over the weekend

    From KH’s Twitter: “She has attempted to have me fired, publicly denounced me for working for the Irish Times implying somehow I am culpable for the housing crisis…then because I post some of her past work she hurls legal threats at me..Will she stop? .I have fired my parting shot now ..”

    Could that be considered as admitting to having a personal vendetta against someone? Sounds like it to me?

    Anyway breaking all that down,
    “She has attempted to have me fired”

    Holland has previously said the following, but nothing about G’oD trying to have KH fired:

    “When I broke the story of death of Savita Halappanavar in 2012 @gemmaod1 called me telling the story was “highly problematic”. She then called my news editor telling him the same and asked if he was prepared to stand over it. She worked for @Independent_ie at the time.”

    “[G’oD] publicly denounced me for working for the Irish Times implying somehow I am culpable for the housing crisis..”

    what G’oD said at the Summer School talk was:
    “The editors and journalists responsible for this property porn know that encouraging young people to saddle themselves with such enormous debt is going to have a hugely negative impact on their lives, the housing crisis and the wider economy. But it does not stop them.”

    KH is not named once.

    KH went to twitter shortly after:
    “Just been blamed by @gemmaod1 for culpability in spiralling housing prices…said my salary being paid by it.. Attention seeking fantacist”

    Reading KH twitter timeline, she has been on a crusade ever since that Summer School. It reached peak nonsense over the weekend with KH’s tweet
    “..classic homophobic drivel from the archive of @gemmaod1 …Published in the @Independent_ie in 2001”.

    The mad thing is once you read the article from 17 years ago, it’s actually supportive of the parents and calls the locals who had issues with a gay couple adopting as “suffering from a bout of moral indigestion” and being “the sort who spend their lives ringing chat shows”

    Anyway KH has dropped the ball massively here, and I wouldn’t be surprised if a legal action arose from all this nonsense.

  13. kellMA

    Wow…. I have my reservations about G.O’D and my first reaction to her announcement was “seriously?” However, that kind of reaction really is ridiculous. Puts me in mind of schoolyard antics. They just come across really immature. This needs a level-headed school teacher to intervene and put them all in time-out…

    1. Rob_G

      While I don’t have any time for G O’D, I would agree with you. Twitter is a cesspit that brings out the worst in people; however, I disagree with Bodger’s thesis that this represents some sort of organised takedown of G O’D; if you searched through Twitter, you could find the same level of playground-esque sniping about any well-known politician.

      1. Johnny

        Any time-you and your BFF Owen come across as obsessed,your family and friends should be worried about you guys.
        Do you each have a wall or white board,with clippings and photos,of Gemma,was it exposing that filthy and disgusting rugby scandal that ruffled the rugby boys feathers ?

      2. Parka


        But definitely not by journalists. Not in these terms.

        Quite possibly they speak privately in these terms, but they wouldn’t tweet like this about a politician.

        Or indeed Terry Prone, to whom they showed great deference during the Kate Fitzgerald saga (they were very careful and concerned about defamation there, unlike above).

        That’s the interesting difference.

        It seems that there are two standards of journalistic dialogue: one for the important people, part of a system, who may well be liable to criticism but are never criticised in these terms and one for those who are not.

        1. CoderNerd

          You have to wonder as Maurice McCabe was a well known secret in political and journalistic circles, was this the kind of sniping and nudge nudge wink wink comments that were said about him behind closed doors?
          His morals were attacked and he was described as a crank. Sounds pretty familiar.

      3. axelf

        but not by journalists. theyre good at trying to dig on GOD but yet cant find any dirt on our politicians, how surprising.

  14. Frank

    As with another recent event in Irish journalism, nobody comes out of this looking well – not the other journalists, and not Gemma O’Doherty. Their hostility towards her is unprofessional and apart from anything else, might leave them in a sticky situation if she goes on to become a candidate.

    But that said, Gemma brings it on herself and not just by being a thorn in the establishment’s side. I followed her on Twitter and at first was very impressed, but over time began to see her in a different light. I’m an ordinary Joe Soap, not involved in politics or media, but it seems to me her tweets are politically biased and sometimes ludicrous . It bothered me that she could fling all this mud and never be accountable, never reply to a genuine question, and it bothered me more when I heard she blocked people who questioned her. Also, her legal threats seem to be a bit silly As I got to know more about her – from her own Twitter feed and nothing else – I went from being a strong admirer to the opposite.

  15. Frilly Keane

    this has turned inta a mankie cat fight

    both women should cop on t’themselves

    I don’t care what their agendas or motives are
    only that they’re conducting themselves like a Travellers Stag Party clashing with a Millwall Stag do

    show some decorum girls

  16. Papal Bull

    The Irish Times showing its true colours. Does the Irish Times have a social media policy and guidelines for staff, contractors, and contributors? I don’t see any evidence of it here, for example:

    Usually the statement would be “Views do not necessarily represent those of the Irish Times”. There are other requirements about how to use social media, talk about the competition, what to disclose/not re: IP and so on.

    There are plenty of examples of codes of practice and guidelines companies issue to employees. I am sure Karlin Lillington of the IT can advise her co-workers ….


  17. Pat Harding

    Isn’t it amazing to see such well paid journalists such as Matt Cooper, Peter Murtagh throwing stones on Twitter? One wonders what work they are actually doing…

    Looking at this from the outside while G O’D is in my humble opinion misdirected in putting herself for the Aras, the level of nastiness, vitriol and perniciousness emanating from Tweets – is dreadful

  18. Anomanomanom

    Have to say I didn’t know much about her till this week. And what ever opinion of her, I can honestly say the constant attacks on her, not really attacks but you know, are way above what I normally see. Its seems certain people are shitting them selves she might make a very good run for it, she definitely won’t win though.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Given that she clearly has so many adversaries and this spat is not the first, her run for the presidency appears to be just defiant one-upmanship.
      She’s an excellent investigative journalist. I think she can best serve her country doing that.

  19. DaithiG

    I admired her work on Mary Boyle and Fr Malloy, but after hearing more of her opinions in the last week, it’s pretty goddamn nuts. That Cork FM interview was bananas, Someone should make up a Tin Foil hat bingo card and listen to it.

  20. DataGlo

    Twitter has its moments all the same. This from Fíontach Hyde to @Gem.

    Your first political act being running for President is insanely aspirational to me. That kind of extreme delusional self-belief and utter detachment from reality in terms of my own ability is exactly what I need. I need Gemma O’Doherty as a life coach

  21. johnny

    its Friday,give it a twinkly-poo rest Rob with the “welcome to the big bad wold….” too Gemma,where ya think she’s been-her worlds a lot bigger than yours and your mums basement !

    1. DataGlo

      There’s whiskers on that old ‘your mum’s basement’ slur. Could do better johnny, especially on Friday.

  22. tommy

    Can we not just have an election that all candidates are not ones proposed by the state or elite
    Where you enter your name pay your entrance fee and start your campaign
    Can you imagine the cloths bill the make up grooming expenses for her
    As usual we will get a puppet as a president
    We relay have to have a president free of political connections
    A true president from the people voted for by the people for the people
    Not one
    Micky Dee
    Gallagher and the others are anything more than free loaders looking at a nice fat salary higher then the president of america with a gold played pension a free house massive expense account I assume tax free

  23. Papal Bull

    Lack of social media ethics, policy, guidelines. Same people receiving this sort of negative would be hunting down employers to complain and have others fired.

  24. Scheinhauser

    Like most adults, editors and journalists work on the assumption that other adults (“young people” or not) won’t saddle themselves with enormous debt just because and editors journalists “encourage” them to. Do people who saddled themselves with debt that they can’t manage actually blame journalists rather than themselves? I mean really?

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