Animation: Le Futur Sera Chauve


A short by Paul Cabon in which, at dinner with his father and uncles, a lushly coiffed young man begins to suspect the destiny that lies in store for him.  To wit:

Être chauve ça craint, savoir qu’on va le devenir c’est pire.

But are things really so grim?


5 thoughts on “Animation: Le Futur Sera Chauve

  1. Le Disbelieveure

    Relaxez vous!
    ‘Janice, my dog ate my homework’ will be along ‘toot-sweet’ to explain EVERYTHING.
    (Je suis desolé, Jeanette.)

    I haven’t watched the video yet, so you might have to.

  2. Le Disbelieveure

    Je suis le Pėre* de la delinquent sous. (Ref:The previous comment. Try to keep up, please.)

    Pardonéz Moi, Lady Ninja Teenage Turtle Hunter, or whatever you call yourself. I understand loads of French*, mains my paroblě past bėin Francais.
    J’habitte en Marseilles (political joke… most of you won’t get it.)

    *I learned all my French with my tongue. Licking a Teenage Mutant Teenage Tortises DVD. It was ages ago.
    Now I have eleven kids… count them… 12.

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