Taking It Back


This afternoon.

At 34, Frederick Street North, Dublin 1, which has been occupied by housing activists for 11 days.

Crowds gather in support of the activists after the High Court yesterday ordered those in the house to leave it by 2pm today.

Group occupying Dublin property ordered to leave by judge (The Irish Times)

Yesterday: ‘Hitting 10,000 Doesn’t Tell Us Anything That Hitting 9,000 Didn’t Tell Us’

Previously: A Modest Vacant Housing Proposal

Pics: Ronan Lowther and Dublin Central Housing Action and Timbo and Rollingnews

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21 thoughts on “Taking It Back

  1. b

    So Apollo house was due to be demolished, the place in Summerhill had fire safety problems and this place needs structural work

    Is there any chance these groups could find actual habitable empty properties that would highlight an issue

  2. Martin

    – What do we want?

    – Free houses for everyone!

    – Who’s going to pay for them?

    – Everyone else!

      1. Martin

        It’s the truth,
        Even if tomorrow the government said they’d match services provided to what Finland gives its citizens people would bitch and moan about the higher tax.

        People want extra stuff, but they don’t want to pay for it

        1. qwerty123

          Higher taxes? We have very similar taxes to Finland on the income side and VAT. They just manage the money better.

          1. Ron

            ‘manage’ being the operative word. In Ireland the only consistent thing our political filth are capable of is mismanaging taxpayers hard earned money.. By the billions.

        2. Yep

          Social housing is not “extra stuff”. We have been involved in building such since the inception of the Republic.

          You’re paying for overpriced hotels and rent subsidies now. No long term benefits.

          My point was that they are not “free”. So even if you feel not enough rent is paid, your snide and factually incorrect chant makes you look a tool.

          1. Dr_Chimp

            if you receive a subsidy for something would you not consider it free? Free in the sense that you are getting something for nothing or at someone else’s expense

          2. Yep

            No I don’t consider subsidisation as getting it for free although I can see what you mean.

            Importantly though I don’t consider it getting something for nothing. I see it as getting something required to improve your life and expand your opportunities as a citizen of Ireland.

            Whichever side of the semantic fence we sit I think anyway who doesn’t see the benefit for society to have children grow up in a family home is being wilfully ignorant.

  3. Dhaughton99

    Dogs on bits of rope. Lads being rowdy with their tops off. Shinners looking for attention. Reminds me of ‘Reclaim the Streets ‘02’.

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