Only Way Is Up


Olivia Kelly, in The Irish Times, reports:

More than 90 per cent of homeowners are paying local property tax (LPT) based on property values of less than €300,000, according to figures from the Revenue Commissioners.

Local authorities will next month decide how much property tax to charge householders in their area next year.

…LPT property valuations have been frozen at 2013 levels until October of next year, when a re-evaluation, which will effect charges from 2020, is due to be implemented.

This June the average cost of a house across the State was €237,000 and €359,852 in Dublin.

More than 90% of homes valued under €300,000 by owners for property tax (Olivia Kelly, The Irish Times)


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  1. Declan

    Most people’s houses were valued during the recession so that would explain the low prices. The real question is will the councils cite to increase the LPT. The monies raised could be used towards new housing!!!

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