Free Tonight?


The Change Makers.

In Balor Arts Centre, Balleybofey. County Donegal at 8pm.

Presidential hopeful Gemma O’Doherty writes:

Tonight we will be in Donegal for the next leg of our anti-corruption tour of Ireland.

We will be discussing how taxpayers’ money is being squandered to look after the tiny golden circle who run our country.

Cavan farmer Alo Mohan will be talking about fraud in agriculture, which is a huge drain on the public purse.

Businessman Seamus Maye will speak about the cartels that dominate Irish industry preventing small indigenous firms from getting ahead. He will also focus on post office closures, their impact on rural communities and the solutions that are being ignored.

Bundoran local Patricia McCafferty will talk about her work as a traffic warden which came to an end after she refused to bend the rules.

I’ll be discussing my Mary Boyle investigation, Garda malpractice and how the mainstream media is failing the public by turning a blind eye on stories of huge importance involving the abuse of citizens’ rights.

We look forward to hearing how corruption has impacted on your lives too.

Everybody’s welcome. See you tonight!

Gemma O’Doherty (Facebook)

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16 thoughts on “Free Tonight?

  1. Martin

    I keep hearing that Gemma is anti vax and was against repeal, anyone have sources to back this up?

    Actually interested, what has she prev said?

    1. kellMA

      I think she is anti HPV; not necessarily totally anti-vax. Not sure about repeal. I don’t recall her being particularly vocal either way, but she does come across a bit on the tin foil hat side to me.

  2. dav
    And from a google search.. -“He explains in great detail why the safety testing of vaccines is farcical and …… The Richie Allen Show on featuring Gemma O’Doherty and Dr…”
    ..”In this vein, it’s worth making some brief points on Gemma O’Doherty’s vectoring of anti-vaccine views, and precisely why such conduct is not merely asking questions but rather actively damaging to public health.

    For readers outside Ireland, O’Doherty is a journalist who has announced her candidacy for the Irish presidency. While I am loathe to give her any publicity, the debacle over her claims and conduct holds some valuable lessons on how beliefs damaging to public health propagate….”

    1. sheskin

      Nobody likes anybody who ask to many questions and your no different,So what if if she asks questions.Maybe we should all be doing the same.She seems to have rattled you for some reason.I wouldn’t vote for her but I think she is doing us all a sevice,especially regarding the unsolved murders.

        1. dav

          apparently I should support her anti vaxer views because she “asks questions”, doesn’t matter how ill informed, just keep asking questions..

  3. Jonner

    I won’t vote for her because she us more valuable to society as a journalist.
    MDH is doing a fine job and hopefully will get another term

    1. rotide

      That’s fantasticly insane stuff, I’d imagine that will just make broadsheet love her more.

      If she does get on the ballot and there’s a debate, she’s going to get baited into making one of these ridiculous claims and will get battered. Will be entertaining viewing.

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