He’ll Drain The Toilet


For a price.

DublinMovies tweetz:

BREAKING NEWS – Dragon’s Den cleaner Gerry Deegan announces run for #Aras18 . “Being around the Dragons has inspired me” said the 45-year-old Dubliner. “I realise they’ve made a few quid and that qualifies them to be president, but I’m looking to clean up the country”.

He has the Vim, in fairness.

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7 thoughts on “He’ll Drain The Toilet

  1. SOQ

    Joke aside, I’d rather see a fella like that than a bunch of dragon tossers squabbling over who has the biggest ego.

  2. john f

    Just waiting for twink or Dana to announce their candidacy yet.
    For poops and giggles I am thinking of putting my own name forward for election.

    My manifesto will begin like this…..
    Some of you I will hate less than others, try to be one of those people……..

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