Ray Lloyd

Sylvia Pownall, in the Dublin Gazette, reports:

An ex-soldier who was made homeless has been forced to sleep in his car – outside the very house he used to rent, which has lain vacant since it was sold to the council.

Ray Lloyd (44) is pleading for a roof over his head and says he can’t take much more of living in his clapped-out Fiat Punto, which is parked in an estate in Mulhuddart.

He was given notice to quit by his landlord, who is a relative, on May 18 after he decided to sell the property to Fingal County Council. Ray has been living in his car ever since

Nightmare life for Ray, rough slewing in car after being made homeless (The Dublin Gazette)

Pic: Dublin Gazette

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  1. Nullzero

    Stories like this take away from the real issue effecting Irish society today, Donald Trumps impending visit.

    1. AssPants

      Absolutely right; Because Donald Trumps visit or not visiting this island will have a big impact on the homeless crisis. In fact if this chap had gone to the Phoneix Park last week to see the man in a dress and funny hat; maybe Baby Jesus would have a house for him now.

      The sooner Irish lemmings figure out that Donald Trump is not the cause and answer to global problems, rather the tolerance of a completely unbalanced society and the continuous voting in of muppets like Leo Varadkar, Paschal Donohoe WHO HAVE NO FREAK’N CARE in the world for anything going on outside their own post code and many many more so-called elected officials, then maybe, just maybe the people will see the truth of how our government officials truly view us and our society……..CASH COWS for their own benefit and nothing else.

      Oh and, nice trolling, great one liner to motivate the keyboard warrior in us all.

    1. Bertie Blenkinsop

      Saw that but without knowing the full story it’s hard to really know what’s occurred previously to get to this sad situation.

        1. Bertie Blenkinsop

          What I mean is without knowing the full story I wouldn’t be judging the relative too harshly.

      1. gerald_g

        Me and wife work like dogs and we might just earn 25 grand between us
        We live above where we run our business
        Before that we always had accommodation even though we earned less than the average industrial wage
        Maybe we are the exception
        I was listening to some lady in a great job moaning on that social welfare should be extended to middle and higher wage earners that cannot survive on double or more than we pay our selves

        1. george

          Do you pay rent out of the €25,000? Is €25,000 the total profit or just what you pay yourself as income for tax purposes?

    2. SOQ

      You clearly don’t know anyone kicked out of their home by family because of a will then? Greed not financial pressure. It’s as old as the hills.

    1. AssPants

      That is what family are….there to make you feel worse then you already do..

      My own mother did something not too dissimilar to me……

      1. baz

        confined you to the box room with your keyboard and banned you from smoking weed in her house.

        how could she?

  2. Cian

    Fingal County Council: 14 seats are the ‘traditional’ parties FF/FG/Lab; 26 are the new and shiny ‘alternative’ government. Doing a great job lads…

    Fianna Fáil (6)
    Sinn Féin (6)
    Fine Gael (5)
    Solidarity–PBP (4)
    Labour Party (4)
    Green Party (2)
    Social Democrats (2)
    Independent (11)

      1. Cian

        ‘traditional’ in terms of those that have been in Government for large swathes of the last 80 years.

    1. BobbyJ

      & why are you including the 11 Independents as non FF/FG/Lab? Vast majority of ‘Independents’ in Ireland are from the FF/FG/Lab/PD (traditional parties) gene pool.

    2. steve white

      they are the ones that actually get houses made, its the staff ie the lack of them, thats the problem

  3. Cupofteaanyone

    You can’t blame the family member for selling the house. maybe the relative couldn’t afford to rent it out any more. I know I couldn’t afford to have 2 houses.

    Also it says it has lain vacant since it was sold to the council but the council only have ownership since 1st august and are doing some pre letting repairs.

    1. Cian

      It says He was given notice to quit by his landlord […] on May 18 .
      The landlord should have given him at least 28 days (or more – depending no how long he’d been there) to leave. That would tie in with 1st august sale…

    2. scottser

      there are cases where a council will buy a house and keep the existing tenants in it, especially if there’s a RAS or similar arrangement already in place. in this lad’s case, the chances are he is single and living in a 3 bed so he wouldn’t be considered for that property but it’s weird that no arrangement was made for him during the negotiations to buy the property. the relative could well have made sure he was considered in any outcome and fingal could/should well have linked him in with supports to find somewhere else.

    3. george

      You absolutely could if you rented the second house at market value as you would be making a profit after the mortgage was paid.

  4. McVitty

    Heading into autumn, it’s a grim prospect to have to sleep in a car every night but it would be good to get the full story for something like this. I wouldn’t rule out other underlying issues that may have attributed to the situation – homelessness often falls on people who have estranged themselves from family and friends via poor mental health and/or addiction issues…

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