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Rachel Lavin, of The Story, reports:

Over €50,000 has been spent making videos promoting government policies go viral on social media, in which Taoiseach Leo Varadkar features heavily.

A sample of 15 such videos were paid to reach 14 million views on Twitter and Facebook, with the Taoiseach featuring heavily in nearly 20% of the footage as he informs the public about topics ranging from the Budget and Project Ireland 2040 to softer campaigns such as Bliain na Gaeilge and the Rugby World Cup bid.

The government under Leo Varadkar has increased its self-production of media, with the use of videos on social media having increased nearly 250% since his taking office.

Varadkar star of Government’s paid-for Viral Videos (Rachel Lavin, The Story)

20 thoughts on “Viral Varadkar

  1. Jeffrey

    250% wouldn’t be hard to achieve considering Enda lived in the 20th century. They have some way to go to appeal to anyone as that video is an awful production, sound is horrible and the “acting” is a cringe fest. No news here so.

    1. Cian

      The government under Leo Varadkar has increased its self-production of media, with the use of videos on social media having increased nearly 250% since his taking office.
      is this an increase of money or videos?
      €14K under Kenny, to €50K today = 250% increase….
      or if an increase in videos: 4 Enda videos, to 15 today = 250% increase….

      1. Giggidygoo

        The US had Twitter and Facebook in yesterday grilling them about interference in politics of countries. Couldn’t this be classed as similar?

  2. john f

    It’s a hard thing to criticise. I have no problem with government officials using money to promote their messages through social media. In the grand scheme of things, 50,000 isn’t too much, after all 2000 million was wasted setting up Irish water. For years parties on the far left were the masters of this.
    My problem is how policies are being treated similarly to media productions. That is to say style over substance, we are given this very airbrushed view of society that is often warped and divorced from the way things actually are.
    And to be quite honest my opinion has shifted slightly of late. These politicians and officials don’t just fall from the sky. They are elected by the public, the public places value in their scumbaggery. For example look at how Michael Lowry topped the poll in his constituency……. but he fixed the roads never mind the Moriarty tribunal.
    If some candidates made a basic video calmly and clearly laying out there ideas and the costs involved it would just fall on deaf ears. The public seem to love glitter and shine in the media they consume.
    To be quite honest I do not think there is a solution to this.

    1. ivan

      Lovely, somebody else to join me in pedants’ corner. You’re quite right. Something goes viral because it resonates with people and becomes a thing in spite of itself.

      If you’re ‘making’ something go viral, and even more so if you’re spending money to do it, it’s not ‘going viral’, it’s being shared by a load of folks in your employ so that hopefully it reaches critical mass and the proles eventually find the ‘share’ button.

      Of course, this nuance is lost on lots of people; listen to the news on certain stations and they’ll report – AS NEWS – the fact that a certain video has gone viral, and not even considering the where/why/how

      1. Jeffrey

        Also I cannot ever imagine a video like this going “viral” – what’s the appeal / uniqueness of it? Nothing is what.

        1. ivan

          Well quite; you’d have to wonder what class of Grade A twunt would bother their hoops sharing this kind of stodge.

  3. AssPants

    Even BS can’t escape the reach of this government. Nothing “viral” about these videos as I didn’t even know they existed until I saw them here

    If you saw such videos in China, or from the USA they would be called Dictators and Fake News…..

    More and more each day this government, and the global administration really do fit the profile of Animal Farm/1984…. before we even relise it’s happening (and it is happening right now), thought police are being recruited; being a government force who seek out and arrest citizens guilty of “thoughtcrime.”

    1. b

      hmmm interesting….would you say it’s time for our viewers to crack each other’s heads open… and feast on the goo inside?

  4. gerald_g

    Jesus for gods sake its like the pollit bureau
    Meanwhile half the nation is on some sort of social welfare

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