Mid-Morning Presidential Matters


At 11am.

Live (above) and on our YouTube channel.

Presidential hopeful Gemma O’Doherty discusses her campaign following yesterday’s address to Fingal County Council By Independent Councillor Jimmy Guerin, brother of  murdered journalist Veronica Guerin.

Yesterday: Meanwhile, In Fingal

previously: Broadsheet on the Telly

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79 thoughts on “Mid-Morning Presidential Matters

      1. b


        First question from a B. Odger

        “Gemma, Your Campaign Seems To Have the Momentum of a Runaway Freight Train. Why Are You So Popular?”

      2. ivan

        Bodger’s one blind spot is he loves a good aul conspiracy. We’re still waiting for this..


        Also on that page “I would humbly suggest you do more research and stop relying on BBC/CNN/RTÉ/Irish Times to give you the complete picture.” which sounds delightfully Gemma-esque.

        She was bang on the money with the penalty points thing and did the state some service on that score but I’m beginning to think that it’s a case of a stopped clock being right twice a day now.

        1. Bertie Blenkinsop

          Fair play Ivan, I like your tenacity.

          New Macca album is far better than I’d hoped for as well :)

          1. ivan

            Obvs it’s no Ram (got a lovely Apple pressing on vinyl last week from discogs for tenner, track 1 is fupped but shur it’s only for looking at anyway) but I have to agree.

            I found meself humming along in bits. Saw the Grand central station gig. The voice is fupped and yet if he announced a gig here, I’d rain down blows on every fupper ahead of me in the virtual queue without it costing me a thought.

      1. Frilly Keane

        create a youchube channel and log in, it usually runs to the right of your screen
        if you’re on a phone or small handheld
        it’ll run underneath the screen play

        dunno about iStuff

  1. Sheddie

    Any chance of Gemma being challenged on anything? Anything at all?
    “I didn’t bring up Veronica Guerin…”
    Yes she did. At that meeting in Waterford. Problem is she is being challenged on it and can’t back it up. So she runs to Broadsheet where she knows she’ll get an easy ride.

    Broadsheet isn’t applying the same level of critical analysis to O’Doherty as it does elsewhere and it’s really, really disappointing.

    1. Freedom


      Dull predictable asshat lackey and troll

      There was a plethora of Gemma “doubters” people by any other name who would be on the dole- in here at the weekends raising fake “questions” about Gemma


    1. Sheddie

      It’s predictably, disappointingly sycophantic.

      b’s comment above on “Gemma, Your Campaign Seems To Have the Momentum of a Runaway Freight Train. Why Are You So Popular?” was bang on the money.

      1. Frilly Keane

        Any comments on her own and her supporters carry on on the twitter and other spots at all?

        or is just Main Stream Media bias stuff
        and the Gemmanites are all as good as gold

  2. BS

    I really wanted to like her based on her penalty points work, and shining a light on obvious Garda corruption that is obvious…but….she has totally changed my mind in the last couple of weeks…you cant just spout something like “the state killed veronica guerin” and then not at least attempt to back it up, i mean does she mean the Gardai turned a blind eye cause someone paid them off? does she mean a Garda rode up on the bike and pulled the trigger? utter nonsense.

    1. DaithiG

      Add to that the “I’m not anti-vax, BUT….” rhetoric.

      Big pharma, elites, mainstream media, etc, etc.

  3. ger

    Well done Gemma. A very brave woman and one we need today in Ireland. Unlike the presstitutes that cover the news for msm that nobody gives a toss about or that twist the facts on this woman stands out for her ability to stick to the facts.

  4. phil

    I just dont get it, why do you hate her so much ?
    I doubt very much if your real concern is Veronica Guerin or her family …
    Why not just let her do her thing, by all means tell you mate how you feel..
    You well know if she gets the nomination , you don’t have to vote for her.
    It seems you want to make sure nobody votes for her, that’s a bit strange, if the Presidency has no power what is there to worry about ? What am I missing ?

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      It’s not “hate”. Ms O’Doherty disguises her antichoice, antivaxx and antitrans traits as “just asking questions”. And when anyone is “just asking questions” of Ms O’Doherty, she threatens them with legal action.

      1. phil

        Ok I understand, I wont argue, you could be bang on the money , but when those rumors started , I was astonished myself, I then took the effort to read the articles she wrote in that area, and I didn’t find anything to be worried about. That’s being misreported , I will grant you I haven not heard any statements she made about those issues in private.

        To my mind, her situation reminds me of (now you are going to start howling) McCabe , lots of dirty rumors flying around and statements being misrepresented.

        The bitterness towards her from my experience of living in this country would make me very dubious about whats being claimed about her.

        If I had genuine concerns I just wont vote for her, while at the same time , Id be nervous about being hoodwinked by repeating allegations I heard on the internet …

      2. occasionally rude Ann, sirs

        I watched the interview with Gemma on BS and am now satisfied she is not “antichoice, antivaxx and antitrans”

        Did I miss something? (genuine question)

        1. f_lawless

          perhaps, yes – that accusations of “antichoice, antivaxx and antitrans” should probably be dismissed as smear attempts unless the accuser backs it up with something solid

          1. Freedom

            I’m amazed anyone takes that crap seriously

            There was some oul wan spoofing our her oxters about that stuff in here at the weekend and when I put her on the spot she couldn’t back up a stick of it. Spurious trolls be trollin

          2. occasionally rude Ann, sirs

            Why are normally sound posters spewing blatant bo llox on this issue, is the bit I’m having difficulty with…

  5. What in GO'Ds name

    No reference to anything other the evils of RTE and the rest of the MSM, sounded liked a chat in the International Bar on a Tuesday afternnon by two failing journos struggling to get paid work.

    What about any talk of her views on social change in Ireland? Gay marriage? Abortion rights?

    All this talk of corruption in Ireland and no reference to the church?

    Basically, I wish her well in uncovering corrupt practices and collusion between the media and the state to cover up but where is the Presidency is not the position to push this.

    With respect she doesn’t seem very Presidential. She’s fit for this role.

    Keep on diggin’

  6. Harry Molloy

    well I hope she gets nominated because the debates would be some craic. I’d like to see Mickey D react to her

      1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

        “THE PIG, if I am not mistaken
        Supplies us sausage, ham and bacon”

        Intoned with huge solemnity. Then “drop mic” move.

  7. johnny

    Well done Gemma,great interview Broadsheet,
    Totally agree with her on Tullamore,I think she’s remarkably brave and courageous and wish her all the best in getting nominated.
    If you think she’s a ‘whack’ job/nut case clearly you didn’t follow now Secretary Ben Carson’s campaign, who compared abortion to human sacrifice !
    Why do people care so much about her views on issues that have been settled/resolved like gay marriage,abortion,I’d like hear her views on a border poll,Brexit,yank vulture funds,completly unreliable crime stats, homeless,legalising weed, etc.

    1. DataGlo

      Why waste your time listening to her views on issues such as crime and homelessness. If she had the remotest intention of tackling any of these, she would not be seeking to hide out in splendour at the Aras for seven years. She would be running for an office that would give her some actual power to bring about change.

    2. johnny

      -FFS with the F editing-getting on with my day-is deadbeat Jimmy still under a few million Euro judgment for his many unpaid loans, shame he can’t ya know print his own money:)

      “Rossa Fanning, for ACC, told Mr Justice Peter Kelly yesterday that an agreement had been reached between the sides earlier that morning. Under that agreement, the judge entered judgment in the sum of €2,519,017 against the defendants.
      The case was brought against Mr Guerin, described as a financial adviser and entrepreneur, and his wife Louann, Thormanby Lawns, Howth, Co Dublin. He is a brother of the murdered journalist Veronica Guerin.”


      1. Rob_G

        What bearing have Jimmy Geurin’s financial difficulties have on either Gemma O’D running for president, or her 100% unsupported theory that there was Garda collusion in her murder? That just seems like a cheap-shot on your part, Johnny.

  8. A Person

    Great interview my a###. another easy ride from BS, who are not main stream media and therefore should be asking the difficult questions. And journos should be with the ordinary people not the elites – says she who wants to President.

  9. Johnny Keenan

    Imagine a national broadcaster who smears a presidential candidate and then does not give them a right of reply. Imagine if your taxes and licence fee paid for that corrupt censorship.

    Welcome to Ireland aka #Ignoreland 2018 where this actually exists.
    RTE is the propaganda tool of a corrupt state and you’re paying for it.
    It’s not that long a go where RTE allowed the clergy to run amuck up and and down the corridors and studios of Montrose without asking them one question about child abuse.
    They have no credibility as far as i’m concerned.

    Just because you;re an economic hostage doesn’t mean you have to be apathetic to whats going on.
    The information is out there. Ignorance is no excuse. Please inform yourself

    Now imagine if you were an investigative journalist getting paid by nobody to work tirelessly and relentlessly to get justice for murdered Irish citizens you have no personal association with.

    You’re doing your job to highlight inconsistencies and corruption as we would want a credible investigative journalist to do IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST.

    If the Gardai are not keeping murderers off our streets I for one am glad that Gemma O’Doherty is trying her best to do that job while at the same time seeking justice for our citizens who have been murdered.

    It’s beyond families emotions i’m afraid. Sorry if that sounds insincere and callus.

    The facts are that no one has been satisfactorily convicted of any of the many murder cases Gemma O’Doherty has and continues to investigate.

    Now please think if you were to be murdered or anyone close to you was to be murdered, would you want some one like Gemma O’Doherty asking question on you or your loved ones behalf?

    Please trust your own mind and make it up for yourself and question everything in Ireland 2018

    Thankfully there is an Irish newsworthy website that gives all our citizens a right to reply. Fair play to broadsheet.ie


    1. rotide

      You’re worse than a trump supporter.

      No one is stopping her from running. Noone is smearing her. No one is denying her a right to reply.

        1. rotide

          I thought I’d been clear on this Jusayin, It’s flattering and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t curious, but it’s just not gonna happen. The spark just isn’t there.

      1. sheskin

        You and a lot of others on BS seem to be particulary excercised by O’Doherty.I don’t know a lot about her,but she seems to have done some good work re the gardai.Asking about corruption and other serious issues seems to me to be a good thing,but then I don’t live in Ireland and I don’t know the whole story.

    2. Cian

      All the reasons you listed are reasons for Gemma NOT to be president. Because she can’t continue to do those things as President.

  10. DataGlo

    Right of reply, you say? What was Paschal Sheehy offering her so? All she had was “I’m saying nuthin'”. Who’s going to invite dead air on their show.

  11. Lilly

    Surprisingly good interview, well done! Not hard-hitting or anything, but raised some interesting points. I’m not writing her off yet.

    1. Freedom

      I’d say she’s rolling around in her bed at night in paroxysms of utter dread lest Broadsheet eminence grise Lilly “gives up on her”

  12. Lilly

    Actually, I read that too quickly. He says exactly that. In other news… wouldn’t you think Peter Casey would have offered Gemma a lift in the copter.

  13. sheskin

    You and a lot of others on BS seem to be particulary excercised by O’Doherty.I don’t know a lot about her,but she seems to have done some good work re the gardai.Asking about corruption and other serious issues seems to me to be a good thing,but then I don’t live in Ireland and I don’t know the whole story.

  14. McVitty

    I see some people on here are keeping alive the idea that Irish people are naturally predisposed to resentment. You would swear some people went to secondary school with Gemma O’Doherty and didn’t get along, the way they carry on.

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