Minister for Health Simon Harris arrives for a cabinet meeting at government buildings, Merrion Street, Dublin 2 this morning.

‘I knew there would be no accountability’ – CervicalCheck victims’ ‘heartbreak’ as damning report details litany of failures (

Cabinet to discuss Scally Review into CervicalCheck (RTÉ)

Yesterday: “Heartbroken”


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14 thoughts on “Accountability

  1. Cian

    It’s amazing how much news has been generated, and comments made, on a report that hasn’t been issued. One portion was leaked.
    But people are happily making pronouncements on it’s content. Look at all the papers this morning and their content. That Indo article “Litany of failures”… what “litany of failures”. They haven’t read the report but are writing those headlines…. and their content is pure fluff.

    Vicky Whelan called it a whitewash yesterday morning – based on what? The leaked recommendation that a commission wasn’t needed.

    1. phil

      Are you a pubic/civil servant ?

      Do you not see the irony of you giving out about people commenting on a report that’s not published ?

      Says a lot about you standing up to a very ill woman?

      Here is some genuine advice , seek help , talk to a mental health professional … there is something terribly wrong with you….

      1. anne

        Settle down… are people with cancer allowed be criticised for their comments.

        Not that I agree with him one iota…

      2. Cian

        Explain the irony to me please phil.
        I’m saying nobody should comment on the contents of a report that they haven’t read.

        1. Giggidygoo

          Or perhaps commenting on an article that contains some details of a report that was leaked or read by the writer. Your defence if the boy Harris is commendable in FG circles.

    2. Harry Molloy

      It’s such irresponsible reporting that has contributed to a massive misunderstanding of what the cervical screening programme can and can’t do.

      I hope the report is read with level heads, considered, and not abused for political opportunity

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