11 thoughts on “Bumper Crop

  1. Cloud

    Years ago a friend of mine broke the P off the back of her Fiat Punto and replaced it with the C from a Citroen. It was amazing.

    1. paul

      I saw someone in my home town nabbed the letters ‘TIE’ from one car and popped it on to their Ford KA to make KATIE. Was very impressed.

  2. Dhod

    I was in M50 traffic recently stuck behind an old souped up boy racer Mitsubishi colt. Across the full width of the back windscreen your man had a sticker which said MUFFUBUSHI with a big Mitsubishi logo below it

  3. Paulus

    Years ago the Blood Transfusion Clinic used to hand out, (along with the pencils), a car sticker which said:
    “Drive carefully, you might need me, I’m a blood donor”.

    And that was before Virtue Signalling had a title to describe it!

    1. deluded

      “Virtue Signalling” refers to empty acts of support.
      In contrast your example is of a person who has actually done something.
      “Gate Keeping” is a useful term for bitterness at the efforts of others because they haven’t satisfied some arbitrary criteria in the eyes of the commenter.

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